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13 Signs You Descend From A Fairy Bloodline

by consciousreminder

While it may probably sound like something that is out of science fiction novel, the notion of fairy bloodlines among the human population comes from the Celtic folklore. 

These people believed that there were specific members of their royal family that possessed fairy blood, elevating them to some higher status in the society in which they lived. Not just were they a member of the royal family. They were also tasked with one important job — protecting this unique royal blood for the future of the family, as well as to safeguard the future of the humankind as a whole.

As this bloodline continued growing and developing, their story was shared all over the lands. Various cultures, as well as religions, picked up on the folklore surrounding their gift, desiring to marry into the bloodline, also hoping for being blessed by their gift.

The fairies, as depicted in ancient Celtic folklore, were very different from the tiny, magical, winged creatures which come to mind today. They could usually pass as human, being of the same size and shape. However, they also possessed some magical powers and appeared never to age. They did not have wings or other obvious physical differences, permitting them to walk among humans unnoticed. The Welsh people also believed that fairies were also mortal. But, their lives lasted much longer than that of their human counterparts, often living hundreds or thousands of years.

As they traveled freely among other people, it is no surprise that tales exist of romantic connections developing. In a lot of cases, it is said that humans were not even necessarily aware that their partner was a fairy. If these relationships resulted in a child, it would go on in two ways: A child that is born of a human mother and a fairy father appeared a human. However, they likely possessed the magical abilities of a fairy handed down for their father. A child that is born of a fairy mother and human father was born in the fairy world and was described as being ‘ethereal.’

Some other stories were shared of fairies that would steal the child of a human couple leaving, in its place, a fairy baby. The parents, being unaware that the swap had happened, would raise a child that had abilities which they may not be able to explain. These children are known as ‘changelings.’ Venturing, into a more energy based explanation some also believe that those that carry fairy blood are created when our souls are called to our body. Because of some mystical confusion or error as well, instead of simply drawing a human soul, as well as placing it into the body, a fairy soul is moved.

Regardless of how this comes to be, the blessings and the honors of descending from a fairy bloodline have been passed down from generation to generation. Do you believe that you have probably been born with this magical blood flowing through your veins?

We are presenting you 13 signs which show that you descended from a fairy bloodline:

1. When you were very young, you were drawn to all things which involve religiosity and folklore.

You were curious, and you wanted to learn more, even if it went against the beliefs which you were raised with. Whenever you did decide to experiment, you discovered that you were naturally gifted in these areas.

2. You operate at lower body temperature than other people around you.

This may be discovered through touching your skin, or through taking your temperature as some individuals who descend from a fairy bloodlike will even run a chronically low blood temperature, compared to their human counterparts. Despite your skin being strangely cool to the touch, people also find this to be comforting, rather than off-putting.

3. You experience a ‘white noise’ sound nearly all the time in your ears.

This is not a distinguishable sound like ringing which can be explained away, but it is more of a ‘feeding.’ The sound also gets louder anytime when you receive premonitions about the future, or you experience some strong ‘gut feelings’ about what is about to come.

4. Your eyes seem to have a magical power all of their own.

Other people describe being drawn to your gaze, captivated and under your spell. You do not need to say a word to win others over; you just look deep into their eyes and permit your natural abilities to take over.

5. You are drawn to the path of the healers, wanting to bring happiness and healing to the world around you.

This likely led you to a field such as that of a doctor, nurse, chiropractor, massage therapist, counselor, veterinarian or something that is similar in a healthcare related field.

6. Your sleep schedule is always operating at one extreme of the spectrum or the other.

You may also find that you are constantly tired, sleeping all of the time, awake, as well as active only for very short periods of time. On the other hand, you may fight insomnia, sleeping far less than those that are around you and yet somehow discovering that you are blessed with more than enough energy to get through the day.

7. During your childhood period, you had no shortage of invisible friends, and they were very real to you.

Until today, you still firmly believe in these relationships and may even be hiding the fact that you still have invisible friends in your adult life.

8. You are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields, and because of that, you experience headaches, stress, skin prickling, rashes, burning sensations, as well as other health-related symptoms anytime when you are nearby.

This also includes all frequencies, such as fluorescent lighting, cell phone, and Wi-Fi routers.

9. You may also feel as though something is ‘off’ in your family dynamic which you cannot quite put your finger on.

You can even find that you question whether or not your parents are your parents because you have a sense that you may probably be adopted.

10. You have a strong love for all the things which are related to music.

This includes listening to music, as well as singing, playing an instrument, composing and dance. You think that music is the key to expressing, as well as dealing with all the emotions and feelings which you may encounter out in the world.

11. Your personality is usually described as ‘different,’ ‘unusual,’ or ‘unique.’

Despite being different from those that surround you, however, other people find you to be strangely attractive and seductive.

12. You feel an incredible sense of calm and comfort when you are surrounded by the natural environment.

Plants, as well as flowers, insects, trees, animals, and bodies of water, are all well-known to help you in recharging and centering your thoughts.

13. You feel like you do not quite belong in the world in which you live.

Despite your best efforts, you cannot connect with other people or with the activities and events which you feel as though you should be capable of connecting with. Instead, you feel just like you are always distant, longing to travel and find something more.

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Takara November 30, 2018 - 2:19 pm

Many of us who fit every one of these also look a bit like a fairy … thin build, some like me have a tiny bone structure, some are fairly short … at least the female friends I know who also fit this description. We also tend to be very drawn to crystals and sparkly rocks. I collect stones that have flecks of mica in them … it makes them sparkle in sunlight. I also love how sunlight dances across water and creates sparkles. I’m not really into fake sparkles – like glitter. But I LOVE the energy of real sparkly rocks and nature-created sparkles. A friend from New Zealand calls me “Tinks” (short for Tinkerbell).

Jo Aelfwine December 1, 2018 - 5:48 am

This is really interesting. 11 of these items definitely apply to me. in addition, according to 23 and Me 0.2% of my DNA is not found on any genetic database and they have no idea where it comes from.

Steven Applebaum December 5, 2018 - 8:50 am

Could be Neanderthal or Denisovan. There’s more and more evidence of human breeding with different ‘cousin’ species or even “Hobbit” pygmies. Nearly every region on every continent has folklore and myth about ancient races that would rarely take a human bride/groom.

julie Apple-elf jules December 2, 2018 - 1:55 pm

I relate to most off these ,, im not slim build , but have bn told by my elder that im fae

Curtis Mullin December 3, 2018 - 2:03 pm

This is so you, Erin.

Lauren December 6, 2018 - 7:04 pm

Always have been drawn to fairies. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that strong connection, but I still love the folklore, the aesthetic, and beliefs.
Good read, thanks!


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