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Lilith, The Dark Deity Or Sensual Goddess?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The first woman of Adam in the Garden of Eden, named Lilith, is actually the person that gives us the energy which says that we have to be ourselves.

Adam, ‘acting as the man,’ struggled to make his wife sexually obedient; however, she has not been having all that.

According to some sayings, Lilith left, others say that she was displaced, and some others claim that she went out of her mind.

The scary reputation of this woman looks like not being warranted. For women, she could show them how to be real, as well as self-sufficient beings, as well as find their powers inside them. For ladies, as well as for men, Lilith was their capacity of thinking for their own sake and saying that.

The Lilith inside you in that person that has its own power, as well as the mind, and does not depend on other people – it can also be the source of some hidden abilities which will help you in becoming the more powerful version of yourself.

There are also people who have powerful Lilith in the charts, and they show some tendencies of:

  • Being exceptional feminists – the power of women/girls;
  • Being super mystical – as Lilith was some kind of a witchy person;
  • Usually having a hard relationship with mothers – probably linked with the demon, as well as stealing of babies, which is the mythology part.

BML or Black Moon Lilith is the time of the orbit of the Moon when it is most far from our planet, known as Apogee. Two types of Black Moon Lilith exist, known as True/Oscillating and Mean.

Its movement is not entirely secure, so the Mean version of the Moon accounts for the movement and activity, whereas the True version accounts for the position of the Moon.

From an astrological point of view, there are, in fact, three distinct Liliths and they are Asteroid Lilith, which is the purely physical form of Lilith, the Dark Moon Lilith, which is better known as Waldemath Moon, as well as Black Moon Lilith, which we already mentioned. Asteroid Lilith symbolizes the story about Lilith, which the Waldemath Moon is much darker.

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