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Galactic Tongues or Star Languages

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Occasionally, people ask me to identify the dialect of light language they are speaking or that they have heard me speak. I find this impossible to answer.

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages on Earth today. If Earth has that many tongues, then it makes sense that other planets and universes also have a large variety of dialects. Within the English language alone, there are many accents and colloquialisms inherent to certain regions. So, if two people are speaking Pleiadian and they sound very different, it does not mean that one person has incorrectly identified their “home” language.

I found it interesting that some languages on Earth have fewer than 1,000 speakers. There are also extinct languages from ancient times on Earth. This means some light languages may have been spoken in another era of our planet’s timeline.

The codes that I write are varied. Within one transmission there may be two or three different styles coming through for a client, such as the one in the photo here.

Multilingual Light Language Speakers

Galactic ambassadors travel throughout the universe or dimensions and speak multiple light languages in order to communicate with beings in other realms or planetary/star systems.

As souls, we are unlimited in what we can do. Being part of a grander whole, we are connected through spirit, breath, and water. Some of the languages of light are from animals, plants, elementals, fairies, crystals, minerals, and such. The very fiber of our physical biology holds information from everything on Earth and beyond. These are woven together to form an interconnected network or pathway of communication. Humans have been conditioned to believe that they are separate and superior.

We have a mixture of DNA from our many star families. Their languages or signals are embedded into our knowing, and as we awaken to our full potential, the codes for these vibrations are activated. This is why light language sounds so familiar to us or touches us on a deep level in our emotional body. Earth is a foreign country to starseeds. Hearing the language of home is a comforting sound.

Additionally, some frequencies of light language are sub audible and are received as telepathic communication with the cells of the body.

Why I Do Not Interpret Light Language Symbols

Light language is a heart language, not a mental exercise. While it can be interpreted by some people, when that happens everyone gets the same message and the mind jumps in to analyze. Much of the spiritual heart-felt experience is lost in that mental process.

My role in working with light language is to engage with a galactic team of technicians, psychic surgeons, geneticists. As I hold space, they work to recalibrate the template and cosmic grids of the client’s physical and subtle bodies. The light codes I speak are instructions for the DNA, the psyche, the cells, and the light grids of the body.

Sometimes while doing a reading with a client, I may get clues or a few English words or phrases which urge the client to seek their own guidance for answers. However, I have not been led to the task of interpreting spoken light language or the symbols. While I channel these codes as I open to allow the sounds and writing to come through, I am not instructed to satisfy inquiring human minds. in fact, my function is to help people move away from the “need to know” or to receive information from others, and move into the heart to intuitively feel and discern personal information for themselves.

Comparatively, I may not know whether a song is in the key of F# or a whether a painter used raw umber or cobalt blue in his/her painting. Yet I am able to have a personal experience from listening to the sounds or observing the art piece. The same is true of light language. It will meet you where you are and interact with you accordingly.

Hearing light language is like being in a sound bath that washes over every part of the physical and subtle bodies and soul, helping them remember and reconnect with the divine blueprint. I can’t always tell whether the frequencies are working on an internal organ, a mental imprint, or an emotional trauma from a past life. I have a team of  galactic technicians and psyche surgeons with diverse skills. Their loving cooperation allows a client to receive treatment in multiple areas at once. Clients report positive changes in the days following, and that is all the interpretation I need to know that this treatment is effective and on-going.

By Yvonne Perry

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