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How To Use Soul Connection To Establish A Telepathic Bond?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Soul connections are incredibly unique and rare. You almost always know when you are experiencing this incredible event.

The sheer spiritual potential of such a union is enough to make the impossible happen. But how do we know when are we experiencing a soul connection? We need to learn about their properties first.

So what exactly is a soul connection?

Soul connections are the spiritual cords which keep us connected with the people in our soul group. Not just that, they also allow and facilitate the exchange of energy between two souls through them.

One of the most popular kinds of soul connection is the one we have with our twin flame. It is called the silver cord of the twin flame, and it is quite unbreakable. These connections exist on the astral plane and become active when two souls from a soul group come in contact with each other.

As mentioned before, this energy is so intense and powerful, that it can be used to harness seemingly impossible things, telepathy being one of them.

The soul connection and Telepathy

Let’s be clear, soul connection telepathy doesn’t mean that you’d be so great at it that neither of you would feel the need to utter a single word ever again or that you can have entire conversations in your head. Leave that for your Twin Flame (and some exceptionally powerful souls who can do that).

However, what you can experience is a telepathic connection like none other and here’s how you do it.

  • Start with emotions. Emotions are easier to pass on between souls than concrete messages. When you know you are connected with this other soul, try feeling any emotion very intensely. They will feel the same thing, even though it would feel like an external intrusion. Make a habit of it and soon the two of you would become adept at letting each other know what you feel.
  • Having accomplished the previous you can now move on to simple images and sounds. Remember, nothing is too complex. This message will pass on to them through either the heart or the crown chakra.

This is a small, but significant achievement in telepathy. And trust me you’d need it during your Spiritual growth.

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