Physicist Says Consciousness is a Mathematical Pattern

“As a physicist, Max Tegmark sees people as “food, rearranged.” That makes his answer to complicated questions like “What is consciousness?” simple: It’s just math. Why? Because it’s the patterns, not the particles, that matter.” -TEDx

Science strives to measure the difference between life and death through the measuring of particles.  Perhaps it is not that a body has all of the right particles that makes it alive.  Perhaps it is about the pattern with which it interacts with itself and the world around it.

 Some day science will be able to read higher energy frequencies and realise that so much more is going on than we could possibly understand.  Then they will be able to prove the ultimate connection of patterns between everyone and everything in existence.

With our study of sacred geometry we know that math and the structure of patterns is the key foundation for all of existence.  Perhaps science will continue to follow the pattern and discover even more connections soon.

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