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Finding Your Tribe: Spiritual Friendships For Life

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by Conscious Reminder

About seven years ago, I heard the phrase “people are in your life for a reason and for a season” uttered at a bible study.

Discovering the role that each person plays in our lives is entirely within our control. When I say “tribe,” what I mean is the significance of creating a setting and making friends with a purpose. ‘Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.‘ We may have heard this from a parent or someone else; the Bible says the same thing.

“Bad company corrupts good character” 1 Corinthians 15:33 (NIV)

The people we spend the most time with have a significant impact on our development and identity. These are the seeds we let grow in our lives, and we reap the consequences, like it or not.

When God wants to bless us, he may put a new person in our lives so that we can learn from their experiences and grow spiritually. Trusting others, letting them into our lives, and disclosing our inner struggles to someone on the outside can be challenging. However, we were created for fellowship, wasn’t He? Furthermore, wouldn’t it be a sin if we abandoned the company of other believers? At times, it’s necessary to pause and consider the efficacy of all the “lone soldier” strategies that have been implemented so far. Is it true that our lives have gotten better? My capacity to remain alone and my lone-wolf tactics were once things I took great pride in. But I didn’t realize that by isolating myself, I was prohibiting God from using me and blessing me through community.

“Walk with the wise and become wise: associate with fools and get in trouble.” — Proverbs 13:20 (NLT)

Spiritual Link Among Friends

Friendship is much more significant than having acquaintances. It symbolizes a soul bonding. You can have different kinds of friends in your life but they all have certain characteristics in common.

Your friends are your biggest support, guide and comfort. However, we are blessed with certain friends with whom we have a spiritual link.

Friends With A Spiritual Bond

You make some friends simply because you guys see each other often in school or locality. You share some hobbies that form the bond, which unfortunately is not permanent.

However there are some friends who have no motive behind being friends with you and are always eager to help when you need.

These are the ones you have a spiritual connection with. It doesn’t matter whether you have similar interests or see each often or not. The relationship is far more meaningful and lasts forever.

They don’t get affected by superficial restrictions like age, gender, culture, religion etc. It is filled with mutual appreciation, love and understanding which doesn’t go away at the hint of some obstruction. They are always by your side, motivating and guiding you towards your goals.

Spiritual Friends Want the Best For You

The bond you form with them connects the two of you completely emotionally and mentally. They are aware of your immediate needs and feelings and always approach you with love and comfort.

You don’t need to verbalize your troubles for them to understand you. They get to know everything just by looking at you. They can sense your sadness because the bond is spiritual.

These relationships are natural, spontaneous and effortlessly beautiful. It begins in a very easy manner too.

How It Develops?

The relationship will feel like it’s meant to be. The intensity and love will never decrease. They’ll be here for you no matter what and that’s what real friendships are supposed to be like. They fill your life with positivity and warmth.

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