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Why Choose The Path Of Spiritual Surrender?

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People admire someone who has definite goals and succeeds in achieving them. But pursuing a concrete goal does not always result in personal, relational, or career success. And what about those free spirits who fall into the right job, the right relationship, or the right opportunity without having a plan in mind at all? What role does the path of spiritual surrender have in life?

Goal Setting: A Necessity?

Many teachers emphasize the need to set clear intentions to manifest one’s desires. This is true not only in spiritual practice but also in business and career. To this end, we make lists, set priorities, create vision boards, and speak affirmations. What could possibly be wrong with the assumption that progress begins with goal-setting?

Spiritual seekers commit themselves to visioning the desired outcomes and having faith that the universe will manifest what they envision. Often, a clear focus and consistency in assuming the reality of the wish fulfilled yield the expected results. But not everyone who commits themselves to spiritual practice will experience unequivocal outcomes. Failure may then lead to self-recrimination or blame placed on the teachers. It may result in giving up spiritual practice and resuming potentially harmful behaviors as a form of compensation.

To know why goal-setting and visioning are sometimes problematic, we must explore the complexity of the spiritual mind.

Spiritual Surrender and the Illusion of Control

Physical reality and individual perspectives constrain the human mind, thereby limiting the desires that arise in the mind. How can we truly know what is in our best interest? Our awareness doesn’t take into account the myriad possible connections we may have with people and events.

Thoughts of the past and hopes for the future burden us. We may not be aware of how much we link our thoughts to our emotions and past experiences. Things we may perceive as negative and undesirable, such as a cancer diagnosis, could actually be necessary for us to progress or mend a profound emotional scar. Success may require us to surrender to the unknown rather than seek to consciously use the law to shape life according to our preferences.

To sense and tap into the flow of life, one must have access to a higher consciousness that exists outside of time and space.

A New Premise

Cultivate a relationship with the divine and learn how to use intuition to live a happier, more successful life. We begin this process by recognizing that the divine activates the power of intention and individual vision in partnership. Use mental discipline to create a receptive inner environment in which we can receive divine guidance.

Sometimes, a goal may be unworthy of our attention. We need an inner process to understand when and if this may be true. This promotes the development of the spiritual mind.

Four Steps to Spiritual Surrender

First, encourage a sustained awareness of your inner voice. There are many practices, such as meditation, that help to quiet the mind and bring one to stillness. By cultivating a state of calm within, it becomes possible to distinguish between the urging of the ego and the whispering of inner truth.

Second, learn to comprehend your spirit’s message. Some people hear a voice; others obtain access to the inner truth by interpreting images or feelings that arise when in the flow state. Each person has their own soul language.

Third, accept inner guidance when offered. Sometimes, the spiritual mind will indicate a path of action that conflicts with a person’s strongly held preferences. To acknowledge one’s resistance and to release it—this is the path of spiritual surrender. It leads to true success.

Fourth, act in alignment with this high consciousness once you have brought your inner guidance into conscious understanding. To choose words and actions that are in harmony with the inner self is to act for the highest good.

All is Well

When we use divine guidance as a primary tool for personal growth, expect the unexpected. Deep desires, which may not have been expressed as intentions, can be spectacularly fulfilled. Acting in alignment with the source means going forward in a state of peace and equanimity. This includes a variety of walks on the path of spiritual surrender. Everything is always working out for you.

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