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Divine Masculine, I Deeply Apologize!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

For all that is masculine in this Universe,

I apologize for responding to all the violence that your aspects have committed against the feminine for thousands of yours, the violence that still courses in my veins, with violence.

I apologize for not knowing how to cure this pain before this.

I apologize for not knowing how to give you my love and for not trying to understand where the hurt had gone too deep already.

I am sorry for thinking that you have to be punished for the sins of your fathers and forefathers have committed against the feminine. And even for the times when they were passive, when they were content to remain isolated and absent emotionally.

I apologize for choosing vengeance, for pushing you apart, for emasculating you, for rejecting you, for hurting you, for rendering you powerless just as you have done with the feminine all this time.

I apologize for continuing to spread hate, for trying to fill in the spaces which love should have filled.

To the masculine that dwells within me, I am sorry that never opened up in a positive manner and that I was violent with the feminine inside me.

Time for reconciliation with Divine masculine

To myself, I am sorry that I am a woman who is often unsure about how to receive the grace that is the feminine within me. I apologize for when I distanced myself from myself and from the part of you that is inside me.

The hurt of the femininity inside me was too much to bear and I could not think of the hurt that the masculine must have also borne for hundreds of years.

Coerced into living an armored life, into closing yourself off so that you could stay alive, pushed by external forces into thinking that you are heartless, pressured into doing more than you could in every part of your life, you had to turn yourself into someone that you are not.

I ask for your forgiveness and I will relieve you of the weight of my desires. I will accept the light and come to you; so that our powers become one.

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