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Love Thyself First – Lady Nada – Elemental Grace Alliance

by consciousreminder
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By Peter Melchizedek,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

“Dearly Beloveds, I Am Lady Nada, Chohan in succession from Lord Jesus of the 6th Ray of Ministration, Service and Peace. My Colors of this Ray are Purple, Gold and Ruby. I Am also a Director upon the Karmic Board for the Administration of this System of Worlds and in this capacity I Am also a Representative of the 3rd Pink Ray of Divine Love with Beloved Chohan, Paul The Venetian. My Responsibilities are many, but none Am I more passionate about than that which embodies All Life within the Creations of God, that of Truth. For without Truth, no other Divine Virtues are possible to attain. I Am a Teacher of teachers upon the Earth Plane wpba6f3e41_05_06and so It Is My Honor and Privilege to come to you today, to offer some specific perspectives upon the progress of what is transpiring here within the Elemental Grace Alliance, amongst potential human thoughts forms that may come forth from what is being disclosed by My Beloved Colleagues. It is such a vast array of information and so complex in its Nature, that clarity is constantly required, especially when the mind begins to waiver away from the most vital points being raised for one’s attention.

“I Bless Each Member of this Esteemed Council allowing Me to come forward at this time. There is still so much to reveal within this Alliance for a clear understanding of what all this
represents and so little space left to Magnify, Amplify and Illuminate upon the major Points coming to the surface for final deliberation and agreement or not! Before I begin I wish to clarify the aspect of perception, for without the Truth of its purpose with each human life now, little further progress up the Ascension Ladder will be achieved. Not in the shortest time available, anyway! To do this in a very refined and defined way I wish to cite from A Course In Miracles from Beloved Jesus. His definition of ‘Perception’. Let us keep it as simple as possible!

“Perception is not an attribute of God. His is the Realm of Knowledge. Yet He has created the Holy Spirit as the Mediator between perception and Knowledge. Without this Link with God, perception would have replaced Knowledge forever in your mind. With this Link with God, perception will become so changed and Purified that it will lead to Knowledge. That is its function as the Holy Spirit sees it. Therefore, that is its function in Truth.

“In God you cannot see. Perception has no function in God, and does not exist. Yet in Salvation, which is the undoing of what never was, perception has a Mighty Purpose. Made by the Son of God for an unholy purpose, it must become the means for the restoration of His Holiness to his awareness.

“Perception has no meaning. Yet does the Holy Spirit give it a meaning VERY close to God’s. Healed perception becomes the Means by which the Son of God forgives his brother, and thus forgives himself. You cannot see apart from God because you cannot be apart from God. Whatever you do you do in Him, because whatever you think, you think with His Mind. If vision is real, and it is real to the extent to which it shares the Holy Spirit’s Purpose, then you cannot see apart from God”. 

“First, remember that the Holy Spirit is the Impersonal Expression of your Divine Link to God. The Holy Spirit is also Known as Your I Am Presence, The Christ Within, The God I Am That I Am. Here is the first perception that must be fully embraced as part of the Truth and Reality of Who You Are and what you are, in your relationship to God! Without this absolute Knowing, your foundations to build your church remain on clay and not upon the Rock (Truth) God has provided for you.

“It is no mistake that the messages that are now being received across the Globe and here within the Alliance are making way toward the constant movement of Love in Action and the actualization of the Truth as to where Home or Heaven is and how one may relate to it. ‘Home is where you hang your hat’, is a human metaphor, which may be understood very broadly and simply as ‘any place one resides or lives upon this Earth, which allows them to find comfort and security’. If your home or heart creates happiness and pleasure for you, then we encourage you to continue to find your Joy and Peace within its grounds and walls. However, We ask that you be mindful at the same time, that there is also a wider ‘perspective’ that may open a whole new Broadband of Consciousness and Universal Awareness.

“Within Our ‘Percepts’ of Truth Heaven is not a place, it is a Consciousness, It Is Christ Consciousness! So when We say ‘If your home creates happiness and pleasure for you, then wpd532cb36_05_06We encourage you to continue to find your Joy and Peace within its grounds and walls’. If one places this within the context of Consciousness, then happiness is Knowing that your walls and grounds are just parameters by which your comfort and security is attained. It is all about attitude and not about any particular place that one finds themselves in.

“This is not to be confused by any complacency that this type of physical home, heart, thought form may offer. Any place or home can be a place of deception also, for comfort and security can indeed create limitations and boundaries that curtail the possible manifestations and experiences of even Greater Comfort and Security, where True Freedom comes, outside the Realms of physicality or old belief patterns. Please know that your Earth home or heart is only a temporal place of residence and a place from where you can explore the Freedom of The Greater Home of Mother Father God, that lies deep within your Conscious Cosmic Heart Connection with Him or Her right there within you, irrespective of outside location or appearances around you! Here is where the Eternal Freedom and Unlimitedness of Home or Heaven resides.

“Living in a particular place on Earth is not the issue We are raising for your discernment here, but rather the Knowing that Home is in every Heart of mankind. What We are endeavoring to share with each of you upon the Planet who are ready, is to assist you to open the doors and gateways into your Grandness of Being the Light of Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence.

“You Dear Ones are beginning to see the importance of expanding your consciousness through the activation (movement) into Higher Vibrational Energies. The Knowing that no matter where you hang your hat, Peace, Comfort, Joy, Happiness and Love can find Their Highest Resonances of Vibrational Light there with you wherever you are.

wp31ecb46a_05_06“Now back to perspectives again for a moment. There are so many points of view, opinions, beliefs, understandings, attitudes, outlooks, judgments, mind sets, postures and ways of thinking that express all types of perspectives, but here within this Alliance We wish to bring you the opportunity to garner yet another perspective that will not only enhance your efforts to attain your goals right now, but that will become the Rock of Truth upon which you can continue to build your Ascension Status.

“This Alliance has covered an incredible diversity of Knowledge and We understand that from a human perspective, it is impossible to understand much of it for its Truth. But in Truth, there is not yet the requirement placed upon you to understand the full breadth of all that is being shared. But what is being asked of you, is for you to discover that Knowingness within you that surpasses the need to understand. Knowing implies that a Trust and Faith felt within your Being, is that your I Am Presence Knows Everything and therefore your querying lower mind has no need to know, just to follow the Lead of the I Am Presence or Holy Spirit in unwavering loyalty, allegiance, honesty, dependability, reliability, responsibility, trustworthiness, devotion, faithfulness and fidelity.

“One of the hardest things that seems to be coming to the surface right now if We may use Peter as the example here. There remains an element of doubt that no matter how much it is desired to be denied or set aside, it simply keeps resurfacing as a persistent questioning process. We understand this perfectly and there is no shame to be felt because of its importunate Nature. Especially, when on the surface everything seems to be going so well. The efforts that you have gone to regarding the Cascadia Event was and is indeed unprecedented and this We acknowledge, but there is something here that I must bring forward to Highlight the Truth so that none of you are under any false illusions or impressions by way of Our Adorations or Praises.

“Beloved Surya, spoke very ardently about the Powers of the Elohim, The Archangels, The Elemental Directors and Others with the goal to encourage, and all was Truth! However, it could also be a little misleading from the human perspective. So here is the Reality!

“When one Invokes or Decrees in the Name of the I Am Presence, or indeed God, and We are speaking here from within the human levels of conscious octaves, the calls are only ever elevated to the degrees by which the individual or group physically, mentally, emotionally wpfb9fa295_05_06and Spiritually, embody the I Am Presence. So no matter how often one calls, how heartfelt the calling, no matter how pure the intention is, the result of the Invocation, Decree and instructions made, are only ever proportionately achieved in accordance to the Grounded I Am Presence within them. This is the way it is upon Earth and how the free will is applied and registered.

“As We are using the Cascadia and World fault line activations here as references, let Us be very specific for you. If We Streamed your human self for your I Am Presence, and We did, in general of the average percentage of the gathered Members of the Sun of Even Pressure Group, of the Full God I Am Presence before the activation took place, it was approximately 25%. At the time of the Invocations and Decrees it rose to approximately 36%. It fluctuates, dependent upon the focus at any one time. But as Surya explained when one slips back into old patterns and habits so does one’s Resonance and connection to the Higher Self.

“Now 25% of Full Embodiment of the Christ Consciousness is a major achievement, for even the most enlightened upon the Earth at present are no more than 65% but they are not working in the way that the Elemental Grace Alliance is Intending. It is also well to Know and not necessarily to understand, that because of the Desire to develop and Create the New Christ Councils, the fulfillment of the Full Embodiment is anticipated to be attained with Ease and Grace through an expedited process due the importance of the Hour and the Calling forth of the Elemental Grace Alliance. Although free will is still very much a part of the human evolutionary process, We expect 100% Ascension being Attained by the disclosed numbers that have been spoken of in previous Discourses, especially by Beloved Kuan Shi Yin.

“So if you remember, Shekinah told you that there will remain further movements of the tectonic plates before full stabilization will be throughout the World, and so now you understand more clearly the reason why! It is through this understand that I have brought to you today that will give you a Greater foresight for each of those who join this Alliance and commit and dedicate themselves to its Divine Plan. Having this new information it now allows each person, to make more informed decisions that will expedite the Full Embodiment of the Christ Consciousness within.

“All the Proposals here within this Alliance are all major tasks that cannot really be entered into, expecting Perfect and Complete results until the Christ Councils are Perfected; this makes sense, does it not? So what I Am Bringing to the Table today for the Human Contingency is the potential of some fast tracking, for indeed God has not Created this Alliance to be activated at anything less that 100% Effectiveness and Efficiency. We as the Karmic Board of Directors are Granting a Dispensation for those who FULLY align themselves to this Alliance, this fast tracking potential. This also means that anyone who does have remaining karmic debts to complete, they shall be indemnified of such Karma, being alleviated from them, as part of the Divine Grace Unity Consciousness for Ministrative Services Rendered hitherto! For all those readers here, We Know Who You Are, and indeed, your reasons for being here. How you respond shall be your free will choice. But remember that the Universal Laws still apply and the work to achieve your Ascension remains acquiescent to your Individualized Evolutionary Plans for attainment.

“Since the Cascadia Event Invocations, We acknowledge there has been many recalibrations that have been taking place within the Members of the group who participated, among others. We tell you that although some recalibrations were karmically connected, all were indeed physical recalibrations within the 4 lower bodies, bringing each of you into Higher Resonances for the next levels of Activations. So do not become disillusioned by any perceived discomforting physical effects, what they are telling you, loud and clear, is that it is now time for rest; time to re-gather and realign your intentions and decisions in how you wish to proceed from here. We will say to you that We would sooner you concentrate in coming closer together as a group, through words, thoughts and deeds that directly align, comfort, sustain, coincide, be consistent with and reflect the Energies of The Christed Councils of Light, than to get involved with any more Invocations at these levels of Consciousness for now. Beloved Lord Melchizedek has asked Peter to prepare a portfolio for this purpose and We are Sure that he will do this at his first opportunity.

“Meanwhile, there are many upon the Planet now who are working to hold fast the purity of intentions to bring about Balance, and even though their calling and actions will continue to make a difference, We are now waiting on those Who will fortify, strengthen, reinvigorate and wpd591165d_05_06secure their efforts to magnify the results, and create the New Templates of Consciousness for others to follow and emulate.

“Remember Dear Hearts, that it is the perception of how you feel regarding this Discourse, that is the all important factor for you to make your next choice. It is time to re-evaluate your lives in how you see yourselves within the New Changes of 2016 onwards. You are here reading this because you have been led here by Your I Am Presence. What does that mean to you? What changes in your life need to be made to Fully Embody Your I Am Self now? What are your Priorities in your Life and how will you fulfill them to your own personalized satisfaction?

“We would like to offer you today a simple task in moving forward; one that you would do well to Master now. It is time to find your Home, Your Truth again, by expanding your consciousness into Other Realms of existence through your own Conscious Heart Mind expansion.

“Use your time over the coming weeks and months to relax, take it easy and do some writing, meditation and stillness or anything else that connects you to Spirit. Share your experiences with each other. We shall accompany you, and in doing so, shall take you upon new journeys into the midst of Our Consciousness, so that you may begin to merge more consciously from your own perspectives. You need to do this far more now than ever before, We need you to do this, else God would not have Designed this Plan for you. Even though you are of a Group Consciousness, you, in your Individualized ways, must discover this Unity from within the Journey of the biology in your own physical realm. These experiences hopefully will assist you in the Self Realization of the Feelings of Home and Greater Awareness! Your Feelings will activate your memories and your memories will transmute stuck energies so that you will Ascend into the Higher Vibrational Fields of Light!

“Here the movements of the Universes will flow through you in a way that your personal Journey can be validated and accepted with Ease and Grace. In this way you will begin to correlate that which You Are as the microcosm of the macrocosm. You will potentially discover that the limitations of this Earth Realm or the human consciousness that surrounds it, is no longer able to hold or constrain you to the Dimensional Fields of Earth.

“You shall remember on many occasions We have prompted you to move, each in your own way, not only for the reason of undertaking your Earthly Works, but related to the importance of how one’s energies are depleted and restricted when remaining too long in a single place, situation, circumstance, belief pattern or way of life. This may have been a physical, mental, emotional or even Spiritual domain change, which had the potential to limit, restrict and become stale! Some have called it a move away from familiarity; We call it ‘a move away from being stuck in limitation’. We wish for you to know that to realign with the movement of the Universes, first you have to change your mind to move away from that which you have been in the past.

“The unfamiliarity and the unlimitedness of human potential which allows expansion, comes when they are in constant movement and change; just like the Planets and Stars; never being in the same place longer than an instant. Movement or Change continues to take one outside of their comfort zones and the extremities of their old patterns of belief, their habits, rituals and customs, all which may come in a myriad of forms as everyone knows. No example is greater than religion, World administration, financial programming, media conditioning or as simple as the repetition of everyday routine and life.

“Movement or Change is the Key for Expression and Freedom; it offers security and protection, through the very implementation of placing one’s self into the most vulnerable wpdc339142_05_06and innocent of positions; facing your fears Dear Ones! The Divine Attributes of Faith and Trust are reinforced time and time again and the confidence to pick up your stakes and take another journey inwardly or outwardly, to encourage the excitement of the journey and new experience through strangers, friends, family, Spirit, Earth and of course God and His/Her Expressions of Universal Flow.

“When the Universe and Self are in total Unity, (and you are already, might We say), through the same matter and anti-matter that make up the Universe, your World and you, you will expand your constitutions, foundations, structures and creations once again. Your thought forms will radically become so much more expansive than that of any old human paradigm, it will amaze you beyond Worlds. When the Universe Comes Calling, and Here We Are, It Is Time!

“Peter will bring forth Greater detail in the methods to use for these movements and changes forward, but here are few to contemplate for now.-

  • The disconnection from the old human consciousness matrix and thought processes, for these do not support Christ Consciousness.
  • The connection to the New Cosmic Consciousness Grid, which for the Earth now is no longer 60 miles above the surface of the Earth but within the Central Core of the Sun of Even Pressure (no coincidences there!).
  • The Self Realization that the Universe Lives for and through you within All of your Expressions in Life, no matter how Large or Small, Microcosmic or Macrocosmic!

“A comparatively tall order for humanity, but in Truth, not all of humanity is being asked to become completely detached to the ways of human life as it exists today upon Earth.

“Only the Ones who have come specifically committed to place their Focused Intention on the Higher Realms here upon the New Erthe will respond. All is within the reach of the rest of humanity should they so choose to accept these New Principles for themselves. However, for now, those who are here to trigger the New Waves of Consciousness Shifts are being called to respond. It may take some Higher Consciousness and Consolidated Effort to start to make these shifts now; especially now, for indeed the clarity of direction is somewhat clouded by the intensity of the present Energetic flows of photons and magnetic impulses arriving from the Great Central Sun but they will Shine the Way!

“We tell you many changes are coming and the Intensities are only going to increase. We want you ready to be able to respond instantly to Our Calls for assistance. We are here to assist in every way We can, but only you can Ground these Energies for yourselves and the rest of Humanity. There are now, more than ever, some fearless choices to be made in Unconditional Love for Self, in Focused Dedication for humanity, all other life forms upon the Planet and the All That Is. Lift and shift those Universes that Flow through you to new heights of human Awareness and Consciousness through your Expansion, Joy, Happiness, Peace and your HOME, Truth Status, deep Within the Core of Your Being.

wp86bd05a9_05_06“The Macrocosmic Fields of Creation are all within you and expressed through the Microcosmic Realities of your Being. Expand your beliefs and perspectives of what God Is. Open the Heart Mind into Being and you shall begin to see, understand and feel more clearly the benevolence of the Macrocosmic Alignment and Fusion with the Microcosmic Self of you. What does God ask of you – Nothing! What do you ask of God? You ask this; ‘what movements or actions can we (human beings) take to Co-Create in alignment with God’s Will through us as the microcosm of the macrocosm?’ Now you Know the Answer! Gently with Ease and Grace, move away from living in the old human paradigm of doing. Your own Higher Consciousness will guide you, ALWAYS, when you are Listening, Seeing, Feeling and Sensing from your Heart Centre!

“A picture has been painted, but not so many can interpret the Master Piece presented yet. It is the Spirit within your Cosmic Heart that is the Artist. He/She will bring Unity Consciousness and the complete Knowingness of your Expansive and Multidimensional Natures back for you to remember what is upon this New Canvas. I was anticipating to speak also of Impeccability about what is transpiring here, but alas Dear Souls, time has already stretched beyond my allocation, so it is with Ease and Grace I step back, Knowing that God’s Plan is expanding in a way that covers all facets of His/Her Creation leaving Nothing to chance!

“That reminds me, please add to the list of Proposals the clearing and cleansing of consciousness for all Earth animals, fish, birds and insects, especially the mammals and those who have been exiled from Love and Life through incarcerations and imprisonments by those humans who have no conscience. Include all those Beloved animals who have been destroyed for their body parts, for so called human medicines, food and unnecessary fashion and clothing. This is one of the most distressing acts that man has performed and continues to commit against Nature and this must stop at the first opportunity.

“Oh Children of the Light, My Beloveds, if I was to give a single message that would raise you above all discord, all calamity, all unloving conditions, I would say to you, ’Love Thyself First’! I have tried to bring you another perspective this day so that you can feel the importance of this simple statement, for without you Loving Yourself 100% First, how can you truly, with hand over heart, say you Love another? If you do not Heal Yourself First, 100%, how can you indeed Heal Another? This is The Law and so Dear, Dear Hearts, Know this Truth for it shall be your Guiding Light. It is time to consolidate, refine and define your Life to 100% Divine Love. With this achieved your Path and Purpose are unimportant, from that place of Wholeness, All Wholeness Flows! Before I go, I invite you to close your eyes, and see Me sitting upon the Altar of Your Heart and together as One; allow My Pink Ray of Love and Healing, to Radiate from you in all directions, embracing the ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ in All of God’s Creations; and Know this. I AM/WE ARE THE LOVE, LIGHT AND LIFE OF GOD!

“And So, I Lady Nada now Bow to Each and Everyone in Blessings and Adoration for all that is unfolding here within The Elemental Grace Alliance. In Gratitude for allowing me to share – I Love You! And So It Is!”

Peter-MelchizedekMy name is Peter Melchizedek, born in Australia, presently living in the UK, and I have been working within the metaphyical fields of Knowledge and Understanding for over 40 years now!  I am a Metaphysician and Ontologist (Understanding the Nature of Human Beings) among many other things. I am a High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and an Ambassador of The Light to the same Order. I have clear communication skills to commune with Higher Realms and Use my Knoweldge and Experienced gathered within my Earth Walk for the Soul Benefit of Service to Humanity, The Elemental, Devas, and Angelic Host Kingdoms.  I charge almost nothing for my Services, nor do I have anything to sell or promote! other than a book or two if someone wishes to have their own Hard copy of the free E-Books.

I have travelled the world giving workshops, seminars and speaking engagements regarding the coming new Energies. I am simply here to help Raise the Consciousness of Humanity for the Purpose of Mass Acsension without any high level public profile.  I am called a Conscious Evolutionary Guide.  I guess my Book The Elelemtnal Grace Alliance – The God Awakening contains all my creditials if anyone seeks to know more about me! I am no different than anyone else, just have a little difference in Knowledge and Experience for the purpose of Guidance and Education!

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