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June’s New Moon in Gemini Has Arrived: Transcending Narrow-Mindedness

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by Conscious Reminder

Mark your calendars: The upcoming new moon in Gemini is set to kick off on June 6 at 8:37 a.m. ET (2:37 p.m. CET).

New moons signify the commencement of the lunar cycle, presenting us with an opportunity for a rejuvenating beginning. Given the influence of the current lunation in the air sign of Gemini, our focus is on expressing our thoughts and ideas. Despite some dismissing them as mere daydreams, we strive for recognition, listening, and comprehension from those around us. Simply put, we are not holding anything back. Indeed, we are ensuring that we expand our desires and reach new heights.

The new moon aligns with Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Pisces, and the nodes of destiny. With the powerful alignment of celestial bodies during this lunation (there is a stellium of planets in the mix: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter), we will be filled with vibrant energy. We will be curious and eager to gather information before embarking on our endeavors. Seeking guidance from trusted individuals can provide valuable support and helpful advice on how to begin. If we fail to tap into our resources and connections, we will have to rely on trial and error to find solutions. However, we can bypass this step by consulting someone with expertise to obtain the feedback and motivation we need.

Chiron in Aries graciously extends a healing hand, enabling us to express our deepest emotions. Engaging in open and honest communication will provide us with the opportunity to heal our emotional pain and overcome past experiences. Furthermore, we will cultivate a profound comprehension of others’ challenges and experience a strong urge to offer guidance, even without solicitation. In addition, the asteroid Juno, which is currently in Virgo, forms a square aspect with the lunation, prompting us to consider the importance of justice and fairness in our relationships. It is important to be cautious when offering advice to others, as not everyone may be receptive or open to hearing what we have to say. Therefore, it is crucial to approach such situations with care and sensitivity. Pay close attention to the words of others, as they may hold valuable insights to share with us.

Rigel, a brilliant fixed star in the sky, is located in the Orion constellation and aligns with the new moon. The massive blue star is believed to bring forth great abundance and fortune. Our desires and intentions are likely to manifest rapidly, leading to new opportunities and achievements.

Just two days before the new moon, there is a special celestial event that occurs: the yearly alignment between the Sun and Venus. People often refer to this alignment as Venus “cazimi” or Venus Star Point. Now is the perfect moment to fully embrace our dreams. The current energy harkens back to 2020, symbolizing the ongoing manifestation of the vision that the Venus Star Point initiated. At this point in the eight-year cycle of Venus, it’s a time for the universe to assess whether we are staying true to the goals we set for ourselves in 2020. There may have been shifts in our understanding as we’ve matured. Embrace them wholeheartedly! Gemini’s energy is constantly changing and adapting, always moving beyond its current state and growing.

With Mercury and Jupiter aligned on the 4th, a surge of celestial energy will ignite our inspiration, leading us to accomplish incredible feats that will greatly influence the new moon.

The new moon in Gemini is a wonderful opportunity to set intentions and bring them to life. There is a sense of boundless possibilities as we become more open to trying new things and adapting our strategies. We will have a receptive mindset and a strong desire to achieve our goals. By tapping into the cosmic energy, we can effortlessly align ourselves with our goals, making them more attainable than ever before. Remember, Saturn might temporarily stall our progress, encouraging us to discuss our goals with others to ensure we’re on the right track. But this won’t hinder our ability to tap into our creativity and use our ideas to achieve greatness. Seeking guidance from others can be valuable because it can provide us with insights on how to navigate our future path.

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