17 Year Old Indigo Child Message To The New Children And Lightworkers

by Shawn-Dee Scott

For thousands of years the ancients have predicted great changes ahead for this planet. The Mayans anticipated the Age of Aquarius that began in 2012 and now another great transition in the planet’s timeline have arrived.

All over the world people are waking up, realizing that something is awfully off. My dear bearers of the light, something has been off for years! The Elite has done everything in its self-serving power to keep humans in the dark and I am happy to say that their ruler ship is drastically coming to a dead end. My message in this article will be that of unity, compassion and the inner strength we will all have to find to bravely accept our mission, even if we don’t remember completely what that mission is yet, and to hold the new frequency Mother Earth and the Collective Consciousness will need to complete the transition into 5D.

My human vehicle is just 17 earth years but I’ve existed for lifetimes. I will share something personal in hope that it will be of encouragement to the hearts of young indigos and Starseeds who are facing similar challenges; you are not alone! I’ve always had trouble with my spirituality and psychic development. From a very early age I knew this planet was not where I originate but because of the human family I grew up with, a family who believes aliens and psychic powers are nonsense and impossibl, I always doubted myself. For a good couple of years those doubts and the way the school system and society conditioned me stood as a blockage for my awakening. I had tons of supernatural experiences! Around the age of 8-9 I drowned and had a near death experience. An experience I will never forget, sweeter than my very first kiss! I’ve had lucid dreams of encountering extraterrestrials on spacecrafts, I’ve had astral travel experiences, spoken with crystals and spirit beings etc It’s not like these things never happened to me but always, always, I seemed to stumble or get stuck in some points of my evolution. The magical thing I am beginning to understand however this is:


Whether it is spiritual, psychic or emotional, feeling stuck and limited is an integral part of our awakening because we are becoming aware of the limitations that is forced upon us in the third dimension. With this awareness, deep inside our being we begin to feel uncomfortable. We try over and over to move something with our minds or to fly or leave our body and it just doesn’t work. This feeling is important. Feeling is a universal language, the language that reveals the secrets we all seek to uncover. By feeling limited you begin to understand that you are not! That is why we feel uncomfortable in such cases. A lot of discomforts will be on this awakening path but they are not there to stop you from reaching your potential. This is where you will be tested and required to use your inner strength, your inner knowingness to pierce through the veil of forgetfulness and move to the next phase of your awakening and why you are here.


Compassion is needed. A love that is unconditional, not judgemental or selective but free and pure. Love indeed is the energy that binds all life together. Love keeps us connected. The stargates that opened in August through to September as provided humanity with the frequency required to complete our cycles and timelines, to allow the old and negative ways to fade leaving infinite space for the love and light of Prime Creator to express itself. The world has enough medical doctors, soldiers, lawyers, pilots etc etc… A new reality is emerging and what the planet needs now more than ever is people with loving hearts, kindness and selflessness. And that is the energy that will bring us to ascension. Children of the stars overcome your obstacles. Now is the time! Hold the new energies that our Creator has provided us then express it abundantly with every soul you come in contact with.


Critical times are upon us. Turn of the television because the garbage on there won’t edify you. Come out into nature, sing with the birds, sit under a tree and daydream a little. Begin taking a habit of projecting positive and peaceful thoughts because they will shape your reality and make life better on Earth. Start to meet up with others of like mind like you who walks away from the crowd and seek the secrets of the universe. Come together, meditate together for together we are stronger. Together the new energy you brought to this planet will anchor and change the world.

Namaste! Love and Light to my brothers and sisters of the stars.

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  1. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the signs are happening. Out of the old comes the new. The blue star. Im also a 17 year old girl, but i don’t have a true name. Instead i want to say this “Soon all the bad in this world will turn good and, all the TRUE evil will go to Oblivion; be erased from existence.Bringing a new era of light and love”.

  2. I hope and pray that we as one can one day soon wake up and root this evil that has gripped us for so long and thus bring forth a bright and wonderful future of knowledge and understanding. There’s still time to avoid the abyss we are running towards.

  3. This post left me feeling so loving and happy. It is so good to see written what I feel and have felt since I was a child. I have never understood most of it and have never talked much about my experiences, mainly because people tend think we are all nut cases. I give psychic readings, always based on love and light. They always come with the advise of “Controlling the Emotions”. Love is the only emotion we should all display more often instead of hate, jealousy, revenge and so many more.

  4. I got problems the star child kind

    This is to help give sensory minds
    Explained by the best of my design

    Your parents tell you how special you are
    Then when you sparkle
    They say your a special too far

    Tried to tell me
    Loved our home

    But felt closer to a certain spot in the stars

    Also since the age of three
    I felt babysat
    By babies

    While there were adult voices within me

    Arguing with the parental forms of discaplined

    Which is hard between both of them

    Prompting yells for respect from my elders of flesh

    An if you are the young wise
    What you share they won’t except

    Benefit nothing and still your selling them

    Had to do this all on my own man…multisenses…let’s all join hands

    We were created by demand
    If eye don’t meet you
    I’ll see you in energy land then

    As we all are children of the constant

  5. Heil these tales told herein;
    Of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow vision.

    Many more, for sure untold;
    Encourage as best; by test unfold!

    As Ones bring light to oceans’ pearl;
    In this is Bliss, thy Heart unfurled.

    Remembrance be key, by Truth it reigns;
    Upon the principle’s post-ascertained!

    I know All know this ‘unknowing’ flow;
    Inner-sense urgent, under Veils’ & below!

    Balance be key, to be free Indigo;
    Between shadow aspects, our radiance; our Glow!

    Compassion & love by boxing gloves blow;
    I Am That I Am; In Lack ‘ech, Be it So!

    My love to all Whom heard the call;
    May Might and Light ease your fall!

    Bless you all starseeds; light-nodes, way-showers & as yet unknowers..Heres to remembrance!

    Love Eternal.


  6. “This separation of self from the Whole is what people call sin. Right is helping and being kind. Wrong is not only hurting someone, but not helping when you can.”
    “Start to meet up with others of like mind like you who walks away from the crowd and seek the secrets of the universe.”

    these 2 doesnt fit? why?

  7. You sound like you’ve lost your sense of reality. And you also sound like a cult leader. Kiddo, you’re gonna get a rude awakening mighty soon when you realize that love isn’t always the answer. The ancients knew this and war was a part of their civilizations. They were enlightened enough to know that conflict exists not only on this plane, but in other dimensions and is a healthy part of our soul’s existence. If you think love and compassion conquer all, please do me a favor and go hug an ISIS operative and see what happens. The key to righting the imbalance on Earth is knowledge, common sense, and realizing that balance is achieved when the negative and the positive are in tune and accepted as a part of life. I’ve lived many lives myself, and my soul remembers each one. I have seen a goddess, I have been visited by a blue woman with flaming red hair as well. I have traveled to the astral plane many a night, and have also traveled to other dimensions; some of them at war, others at peace. Don’t presume to know the plans of the universe and then preach it to others when your soul seems a bit unbalanced, and your lack of education, both formal and in life’s lessons, is evident. Just a tip, proofread your articles before publishing them. It’s hard to take someone seriously, if their grammatical structure is lacking. Also, our souls come from the ether, not some distant planet. Our bodies are the product of millennia of evolution, from organisms that traveled to this planet on meteors. So it’s not our souls who are alien, it’s our meat suits. When you state that society and schools have tainted our ability to connect with who we’re truly meant to be, you MUST be on something b/c many schools encourage students to connect with themselves and figure out who they are. Society is a construct of ideals and morals and if you think that everyone follows suit, then you’re not giving people credit and you’re saying they lack the ability to break away from the herd of sheeple, which is insulting…to say the least. Give yourself a few more years before you try to give others advice. At 17 you’re not equipped with worldly knowledge to lead a pack. No matter how “grown” and open you think you are, the world will eat you alive with the mentality you’re carrying. Just a tip, 17 year olds don’t know it all.

    • Perhaps because the person talking about this “truth” is lacking in knowledge as well? For someone that remembers other physical incarnations, it is interesting that the age of the physical vessel is being called into question when that is irrelevant. We all come to our own conclusions as a result of the culmination of our experiences, so it is short-sighted to judge someone else for how they arrived at their vantage point. I am all for common sense and using “practical” methods to navigate our physical existence, but those that presume to know it all and then preach it to others are the ones that concern me most. Sending love to that part of you, Nunya/SMDH, that feels the need to reduce the light of another to give yourself a false and short lived feeling of being more whole.


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