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Today’s Winter Solstice, December 21st, 2022 Will Bring Magic Along With It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The holidays are here – a few days from now it will be Christmas Eve. But before that, we will be facing the winter solstice.

December 21st marks an astronomical wonder – the earth is farthest from the sun making this day special – the longest night and the shortest day of the year. It’s a magical time and we should all try to buckle up and make some changes in our lives and prepare for the coming year. Let’s use the magic of this ‘mid-winter’ to our benefit.

Time to look inside

It’s time to reflect on ourselves and our actions. The winter solstice brings with it the darkest night, calling everyone back home to spend time with their family. The longest night also gives you a longer period to talk to your spirits inside.

Night empowers our inner selves – and the longest night gives you more chance to find out who you are and what your inner self is trying to tell you. Listen attentively– you won’t get such a deep connection again until the next year.

The Sun is born again

The sun won’t be the same again. Winter solstice marks the rebirth of the sun. It’s an important point – an indication of the completion of the yearly cycle.  The Goddess Yule is deeply connected to these cyclical changes. Winter solstice makes her active again, making her the Great Mother giving birth to a new Sun King.

The holiday Yule originated from it and the Germanic and Scandinavian people from Northern Europe kept a customary twelve-day holiday called mid-winter. We still celebrate it – in the form of Christmas trees, Christmas wreath, Yule log and other descendants from this tradition.

Some elements that work for Winter solstice

These herbs will help a lot this Winter solstice: cloves, mistletoe, holly, pine needles, pine cones, Yule log ashes, oak leaves, cinnamon, fir, hazel bark, birch, wintergreen, and nutmeg.

Colors are important elements, and in this winter solstice, these colors can make a mark: silver, white, red, gold and green.

The stone that draws people

The Yuletide is not the only tradition that marks the winter solstice. For the people who built the Stonehenge, the winter solstice was special and important. They were dependent on it to tell them about the progress of the seasons. The winters were brutal and they needed to store up as many rations as they could to survive.

So, the constructors built the Stonehenge in such a way that the well-aligned structure could point out the winter solstice sunset. At Stonehenge, the Winter solstice is still a special time. People are drawn to this place to witness years of history unravelling on this magical stone, helping the visitors embark on a spiritual journey.

Suggestions for traditions on Winter solstice

Give food to the animals – everyone needs care, even the wild and the unseen. Tie some cereal and cover it among branches of leaves outside with some apples. Share your food with the creatures of the night.

Have a meal by the candlelight – the sun is just returning – don’t trouble its new-born eyes with electric light. Keep using the candlelight until the sun can shine again and remember to thank it for its wonderful energy.

Get rid of the old – release yourself from the past. Write it down, paint – do anything to get your worries out of the system.

Accept the new – 2023 is coming – it’s another step to the future and whole new opportunities are at hand. Write down your wishes on a paper and light it by fire – let the smoke rise and go up to the cosmos. The universe shall hear – you won’t be ignored.

Become one with yourself

The winter will bring snow for some people – enjoy it with your family. Grab a cup of hot coffee and sit by the window watching the snow dance against the window pane. Relax. Light a gold, white or silver candle and meditate for 5 minutes. Become aware of yourself and your surroundings.

The winter solstice is going to occur in December for the Northern Hemisphere and in June for the Southern Hemisphere. Make sure you take rest and enjoy this time.

Make the most of the magic it brings!

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