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The Divine Is Not A Circus

by consciousreminder
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by Gabriel Sananda
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

In the western world where our 5 senses are often overstimulated by light shows, movies and other phenomena, we may unconsciously transfer this same glamour to the divine. As Da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

At times for the spiritual seeker, we want for the divine to reveal itself with a lightning strike or some form of quantum anomaly, or phenomena to satisfy this desire. As many can be distracted by the lustre of astral realms, visions and other spiritual phenomena.

And when this does not happen, this is a common cause of spiritual discouragement.

As Yogananda teaches, “Seek God {the creator, source} for His own sake. The highest perception is to feel Him as Bliss, welling up from our infinite depths”.

In deep devotional meditation, where one is practising a scientific technique of meditation {Kriya}, thus thoughts and sensory distractions caressed; present in the stillness, slowly, organically we cultivate the sensation of deep peace. The more we sit, the more we are in devotion, the more we feel this deep peace, the closer and closer we get to thee {god, source, creator}.

Hours upon hours, of eternal waiting, patience and devotion the nearer we get to thee {there is a point where this inner peace transforms into it’s higher expression of bliss, this is outside my consistent experience, but as Yogananda says “God is Bliss”}.

And this sense of peace overflows, ignites the love of the sacred heart, merging into our life after we leave meditation to engage in the physical world, as there is this sense of divine guidance of thee, orchestrating our every move for the soul’s progression. Like an invisible string, or path for all to flow, externalised in synchronicities, and the exuberance of peace we now experience in our outer undertakings.

Find thee within first and this peace will externalise in all pursuits of life, to thoughts, to emotions to noble aspirations, to family, to friends, to the beauty of nature, we begin to see everything as an extension of thee. And the connection and harmony with all things begin to cultivate, stronger and stronger each time we move from meditation.

So quite the contrary to the light show, or the lightning strike that we commune or are blessed with a response with thee {God, source} through the simplicity of meditation and the experience of deep peace.

But I sit in silence, but nothing happens?

This is where technique is paramount. The science of Kriya is the science of seal-realisation or union with the divine. Yogananda’s meditation technique, which expresses meditation as concentration that has been liberated from restlessness and is focused on God.

Preliminary breathing exercise, Spine erect, crossed legged posture, eyes closed {the kingdom of God is just behind the darkness of the closed eyes}, the stillness of body and mind cultivated, now calmly concentrating on the point between the eyebrows the Christ Consciousness centre {spiritual eye}, stay there…{invitation to get into contact to learn this technique, donation based meditation sessions}

“The Light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”.

Pray with me.

“Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, open my spiritual eye so that I can enter into thy kingdom of omnipresence. Thee, do not leave me behind in this mortal world of misery, lead me from the darkness to light, from death to immortality, from ignorance to endless wisdom, from sorrow to eternal joy”.


About the Author: Gabriel Sananda is a Yogi who is devoted to the inner reawakening of self-realisation. Thus his intention is to awaken the Love in all hearts, as he simultaneously remembers the true divine self, the Christ in all of creation.

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1 comment

EL August 4, 2018 - 12:09 am

Concentration keeps us from surrendering to; what is, has always been, and will always be, Presence! In the instant, or moment an ovum and sperm ignite, Universal Presence is a part of us and this Presence begins the creation of cell replication into what ever form our DNA donors have provided! The only thing that separates us, is our thinking we are separate, when in fact we are One with All, all the time! Let go of the beliefs we are given, and just Be! You are already, what you seek! Namaste…


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