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These 5 Things A Psychic Will Never Reveal To You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This particular topic is a sensitive one and just because of that it is also a widely contested one.

And there would be as many individuals who disagree with one or more points in this list as the ones who agree on them.

But it can be safe to assume that this can be a most basic list of things that a Psychic doesn’t reveal to their clients.

1. Predicting the death of a person, whether you or someone you know

Now this is one topic that can pop up very frequently, and yet almost all Psychics try to avoid it vehemently. They feel it is pointless to predict the death of a person because all it will do is make them worry the rest of their life away.

Not to mention that the Psychics too are limited in their powers and their predictions might be overruled by higher powers. Hence they find it best to ignore such questions.

2. Telling the outcome of an illness

This one is a direct corollary of the previous one. Matters of illness are by default related to matters of life and death. And as much as a Psychic’s power can give them an insight about your mental or physical situation, they do not want to make uncalculated assumptions about your health.

The reason is simple, a Psychic is not a Doctor and so expecting them to diagnose or treat your illnesses is wrong. They will almost always tell you to go see a trained professional, even if they have a very strong inclination of what might be bothering you.

3. Predicting the winning lottery number

This is often the cynic’s wit, asking Psychic’s to predict the winning lottery number. Well a lottery number is based on an infinite permutation and combination of numbers, and thus the possibilities too are infinite. As opposed to that, our life choices and situations are gloriously limited. It is much easier for a psychic to evaluate how certain actions will impact your life and they can guide you likewise.

When it comes to lottery, they can tell you if it’s your lucky day or not and other little details. At the end of the day, you winning the lottery depends totally on your luck. How else would you explain the bad luck of the people who had the winning ticket but lost it in almost funny accidents! It is all about luck.

4. Hinting or saying that you can’t change your destiny

No Psychic will say that there is nothing you can do that can change your fate. They know that even their predictions are based on your current path in life and can change if you take decisive action towards changing your path.

5. Telling the exact time and date of some incident or occurrence

There are so many things that people want to know about. When will they get the promotion, when will they meet their soulmate and so on. It is possible to give an approximate range of time when these things can occur but almost impossible to pinpoint exactly when. Anyone who tells you any different is not being a 100% sincere.

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