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Learn How To Change Your Destiny! Karma Is Not Always Fault! MUST READ

by consciousreminder
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The relationship between your state of consciousness and what is happening to you is not always immediately obvious. This relationship, the correlation between what is inside of you and what is happening to you, or what you attract into your life. This is not your destiny.

Moreover, what happens to you is not your fate or destiny. And people think that their fate is determined by exactly what is happening to them:

“What is happening with me defines my life”

Your life is defined…    Your destiny is defined by how you react to what happens to you. And what happens after that depends on how you react to what is happening now.

Thus, when something bad is happening to you and when something starts to go wrong, and you react to it negatively, then with all that you attract the following negative events . If you react to it by accepting it like:

It is what it is then, the following event will keep that state of consciousness.

Many people are caught in an endless stream of “bad” events that happen to them. But they do not realize that at any time there is an opportunity for them to free themselves from this and change their life, the only thing they have to do is to react differently to what is happening to them.

Your reaction to the events that are happening in the present moment, rather than something that happens determines your future. Your reaction to what’s going on, determines the following events. This is how you can change your life, instead of being caught by the bad karma for quite a long time. It is so easy, but it requires wakefulness …Some people learn from other mistakes, They try hard to avoid any learned action when they investigate bad experience. But some people continue with thoughts that it is a destiny what it happened to them. They repeat their mistakes all over again thinking this is it “my bad karma”, or “my destiny” is to be surrounded with misfortune all the time.

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