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Why Are Lunar & Solar Eclipses Spiritually Important

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I think we have all heard of eclipses at some point or other in our lives but it is also no lie that a lot of us do not know what an eclipse is, so here we are, making an effort to make it a little clearer.

An eclipse is any cosmic event in which three heavenly bodies- the Sun, the Moon and a planet are lined up. Now, we talk about lunar eclipses and what our friends in NASA have to say about it.

They define a lunar eclipse as an event when the Sun is blocked by the Earth and the shadow of the Sun is seen on the Moon. A lunar eclipse can be observed twice throughout the year.

Let us discuss about the spiritual significance of a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse gives us a passage way to a higher plane of life. A lunar eclipse can mean a lot of things, as they make changes happen in our lives.

The aim in this time is to focus on being open to change and not be afraid of changes that eventually have to be made in everyone’s lives.

So, live your best life and be your best self. Work on yourself because the power of a lunar eclipse is incredible. It is beyond just the sense of mortality.

An eclipse brings a world of opportunities to us and that is something we can never have enough of. It is completely upon us to change our lives as it is at this moment.

If there is anything that you really want, it is the time to make this want intense in your soul and make your desires known to the Universe because the power of the Eclipse can make anything happen.

Think about what you want and you will see it happening on its own. Your transformation is the Universe’s priority and it is trying to make everything you want to happen for you, so do not be shy and ask- let your desires be known.

The aim is to not fret, but have faith in the Divine powers. Life is going to change and in ways you would not have imagined. Hold tight and let the magic happen.

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