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How Spiritual Teachers Make Sense In A World Of Change

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Our physical world is on “overdrive” – racing from one amazing discovery to the next. And the results of all of this change can impact our lives according to the power we give it to do so. While the material world races and changes, universal law does not. The same principles apply, no matter what the outside world looks like, and the curriculum remains the same.

The law of potential. Every new discovery is that law in operation – the unmanifest becoming the manifest. And these discoveries should be a lesson to each individual, that s/he is pure potential as well. We realize that potential through accessing Mind daily, taking the time to silently be, rather than do or think. It is in those empty spaces, between thoughts, that Mind can begin to operate

The law of giving. The universe knows no lack. We accept that when we give of ourselves and our material good, the law operates to continue to provide abundance in our own lives.

The law of no effort. We practice acceptance of all that is and all that happens. When change comes to our lives, we accept it without resistance, because Universal Mind is working always only for our good. And once we honestly accept that, the good begins to flow – no struggle – just calm acceptance.

The law of Karma. We continue to know and to teach that all thought and action emits energy into the Universe and brings that same energy back to us. If for example, we hold thoughts of career success, then that is what returns to us; if we hold thoughts of lack, then that is what we will get.

The law of detachment. There is freedom in the absence of need, to insert ourselves into the lives of others with our ideas and opinions. Once we master this law, we no longer judge. There are a lot of important lessons we can only learn outside of our comfort zone. And when we detach ourselves from our own opinions and limited belief, the universe of all possibilities opens to us

The law of intention. An intention is a powerful force that always operates consistently. When we identify our desires, we keep them foremost in our minds and, during meditation, release them to Mind. Within Mind is all that is necessary to fulfill our desires. And when they do not manifest, we know that Mind is still working for our best good and that greater than we desire will be provided.

The law of Dharma. We know and we teach others that in every incarnation, we have skills and talents that we must use for the good of others. We have to ask ourselves daily how we can use our skills and talents in the service of others. And we follow through with action. As we do this, the Universe showers us an increasing supply of what we need and want so that we can continue to serve others and ourselves.

“…we are here to serve our fellow human beings with our talent…we combine the expression of our unique talent with service to humanity, and make full use of the Law of Dharma.” – Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Universal law is the constant in our lives and in the lives of those we teach. The rapid and deep changes in our physical world give us choices – embrace them and use them for the good of ourselves and others, or struggle against them. The struggle prevents the law from operating in our lives and blocks our best good. Practicing these laws consistently and with conviction results in experiencing the beauty and abundance that the overriding Law (the Law of Attraction) provides to us.

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