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Full Moon in Gemini, December 14th, 2016 – Thoughtforms

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Each one of the twelve Zodiac archetypes represents a different way of making sense of reality, processing the human experience, and actualizing one’s Will. For Gemini, this coincides with embracing the creative possibilities of the mind, exploring and actualizing one’s thought forms, interpreting and responding to the stimuli of the environment. Gemini comes alive through collecting, absorbing and delivering information, in an incessant dialogue with the surroundings.

Gemini is the first emanation of the Air Triplicity, and the one where the mental impulse is at its most vivid and unbridled: the Full Moon arriving on December 14, at 0:06 UTC, 22 degrees and 25 minutes into the sign, will coincide with an escalation of mental activity, intense intellectual and verbal exchanges, and information being generally spread far and wide.

Every Full Moon represents an energetic peak, which shines a powerful light on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses. A Full Moon in Gemini will pull into focus the narratives, testimonies and perspectives that weave the conceptual fabric of our shared reality, bringing us the answers to the burning questions we’ve been asking ourselves – and to those we didn’t know we had. We can expect a major release of a buildup of questionings, judgments, speculations, sentiments.

Surprise announcements, cards-on-the-table discussions and discoveries that make or break a situation are all common occurrences during a Full Moon in Gemini; it’s normal to experience restlessness, with thoughts rushing through the head and an impulse to become vocal about perceptions and feelings.
But this isn’t an ordinary Full Moon: nestled in an uncanny mystic rectangle, Luna will oppose authoritarian Saturn, sextile rebellious Uranus and trine expansive Jupiter, while also squaring the Wounded Healer Chiron. The energy is volatile, nuanced, multifaceted – just like Gemini itself.

So what happens when the Twins’ stream of consciousness crashes against the stark wall of Saturn?

Sagittarius, the opposite sign to Gemini, is the visionary of the Zodiac; as the sign that rules the Higher Mind, it’s sometimes guilty of pedantic, patronizing attitudes. In the context of this Full Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius can symbolize the weight of the truth, but also rigid perspectives, intellectual arrogance, and defensiveness against new ideas. The presence of Saturn might pressure us to actually do something with the volatile tidbits of information coming our way, sticking with the most realistic, mature option in the turbulent sea of Gemini possibilities; we might have to adjust our choices or self-expression to accommodate rules or work with limitations, and there’s also the possibility for our attempts at communication to be met with resistance.

The sensitive square between the Moon and Chiron suggests that this might not be a carefree situation. The information coming to light under this Full Moon might hit us right in our most vulnerable spot, or we might rub someone the wrong way in the rush to get the words out. The need to accommodate Saturn’s demands, adhering to a standard forced on us from a higher authority, might bring out our feelings of intellectual inadequacy and trigger our fear of under performing, of not living up to expectations. The tension will keep the conversation circulating, but it will also expose wounds, flaws, mistakes.
The Full Moon ruler, Mercury, engaged in a dark dance with the Lord of the Underworld Pluto, in Capricorn, and already transiting the shadow of the upcoming Retrograde cycle, incites us to pay attention to the obscure subtexts of the conversations we’ll be having: what can be easily observed and immediately digestible might actually be a hint of a much larger issue, Pluto-style. Too, taking uncompromising stands and voicing polarized opinions might cause our words to break down the structures that rest on weak foundations. Mercury merging with Pluto is about the power of words – and I mean ‘power’ in the foucaultian sense of the term: obscure, occult, coercive. Such power can either be used to dig up the most toxic and detrimental psychological waste, or to manipulate.

Thankfully, Jupiter and Uranus, both positively aspecting the Moon, are our allies, providing the right mix of faith and emotional detachment to navigate the ambivalent, mutable tides of this loquacious, erratic plenilune. While Jupiter in Libra engenders confidence in the benefits of cooperation and approaching sensitive issues in a tactful, civilized manner, Uranus in Aries urges us to remember that owning our truth is a radical, unapologetic act of self-love that we shouldn’t be afraid to make, and that words only have as much power over us as we give them.

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