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Main Traits Of The Pleiadian Starseeds

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by Conscious Reminder

The knowledge in ancient times connected to unconditional and unqualified love actually comes from a place up in the stars, called Pleiadians.

Most Starseed characteristics around the world are actually based on the sign of the Zodiac, and this sounds quite ridiculous.

According to some, just several people in one specific group may be Pleiadians, and according to others, a person needs to have blond hair and to be quite white. However, this is not true. So, who are the real Pleiadians?

If a person is a soul originating from the Pleiades, he or she will have high creativity, but that creativity is going to be based on their love they feel towards something or someone.

He or she would feel peace, but there will also be a counter-reaction such as feeling different, outcast and separate. He or she would desire everyone to love and like them, attempting to make others see how good they are and why they deserve their attention.

These individuals were trained by angels, as before that, it was said they were real demons. There were some statements saying that they have also been angels themselves. However, nothing from this is true.

The Pleiadians are understanding, open-minded, and compassionate people, making their desired points, as they are aware of the correct way of doing things. Also, they have a solution and an answer to everything, but other people different than them are passive and accept that they don’t obligate others about telling the truth.

Pleiadians can be hurt easily, and they are also sensitive. In fact, they are intolerant to competition, pain, and meanness. All this gives them anxiety, so they often tend to panic. Confrontation is another big problem for them.

Also, they desire to be part of the reality of everyone around them, and in order to enter, they utilize kindness. Such kindness is actually something to which other people are not so familiar, and they often feel afraid.

They can apply every type of hair color as they are quite advanced, because of their considerable number of journeys to the earth. Pleiadians are poetic, as well as full of romance which is a fairy tale and hopeless, which means they really deserve love despite everything.

When they are misunderstood, they become sad. They also see some things which others cannot see. They also know what is there at the end of the road for them, following that road with a person they truly love. They would even walk on some bumpy road with the person they dedicated the love too.

Also, they are leaders, in fact, those that are modeled after, copied, and so on, as they are real friends, desired lovers or smartest and people full of intelligence. These people possess everything that one person desires to be.

So, every angel is going to be psychic; however, that does not imply that every angel is going to be Pleiadian. They are gifted with intuition, and they always ask for sincerity. They prefer harsh reality over kind lies. They cannot stand lies as they can recognize when someone lies to them, every time, regardless of the person being good at lying.

They are smart, coded, intuitive, and they are not that famous. In just several seconds, they will know the hidden secrets and plans of some people, and they will still accept them. So, this is the reason for them being what they are now.

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