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Your Lightworker Journey Is Conditioned By These 6 Influences

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While you would definitely favor a life of normalcy and calm, you are a Lightworker. You might not have chosen this life for yourself, but this life did choose you.

So, you can’t really complain about anything eventful which happens in your life. For, nothing else will give you that satisfaction, that this life and journey gives you.

Since a Lightworker is all about relieving the light from dark, the very dynamics of your being sometimes affect the job that you are doing.

Here are 6 things that influence a Lightworker:


Most Lightworkers have a very difficult childhood because their family can’t accept them for simply being different. You are self-taught and you realize the darkness that comes from disenchantment and detachment from your family itself.

Mostly, you are given work, simply because you can easily handle it. To erase the darkness, you must be able to understand it. And you do understand it.


Your experiences have been rough, and painful, but it is these experiences that make you so much more useful to the cause. The place where you hurt the most is what will help you help others.

In fact, your training will make it easier for you to not just heal others, but also help yourself. Although, it is a sad fact that most Lightworkers do move away from this karmic duty because the pain keeps increasing.


Sometimes, the events that you face, the hurdles that you jump across might actually not be yours.

These might be someone else’s challenge, and you are simply going to learn from it. For some time, it is your duty to heal others of that pain, while also learning from it.


You keep growing at an accelerated level when you are a Lightworker. Your duty helps you enhance your growth. Every single day, your idea of what is, and what could be, changes.

You change as a human being, your ideas change, and your entire way of looking at this world gets affected as a result. Indeed, you could recall back to what you believed a few months back, and now you would find things changing drastically.


You won’t really have much free space, as you will constantly be surrounded by narcissists and energy vampires, simply because you are so full of light.

You need to work with them, despite them being completely unbalanced. You will be distracted, but you need to keep your eyes straight ahead.


Sometimes, you might come across your duty, which asks you to completely clear out family lineages. It would mean repaying the karmic debt that the family had incurred.

It isn’t a commonplace thing, and most Lightworkers never have to go through it. But if you do, don’t freak out.

So, where do you stand in your Lightworker dynamic?

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