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Red Jasper: Benefits Of The Powerful Red Crystal

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by Conscious Reminder

In the mineral world, red jasper is classified in the Chalcedony family. It has the same vitreous sheen and opaque transparency as quartz.

Green, black, yellow, orange, blue, yellow, and brown are some of the other colors found in jasper. Red Jasper may range from a vivid red to a more subdued red or even brown. Red Jasper is said to provide a sense of stability, passion, and security to the wearer. 

Red Jasper is a stone with deep historical roots, and it is also supposed to provide a formidable spiritual and physical defense.

Red jasper stone was associated with Mother Isis’ fertility in ancient Egypt, and Native Americans considered it to represent Earth’s blood. The mythical properties of jasper include the ability to ward off evil, provide protection from snake and spider bites, and even cause it to rain. All varieties of jasper are revered for their curative properties.

All around, jasper stones are not that uncommon. The workmanship, color saturation, and complexity of the pattern in your stone are what give it the majority of its worth. In the past, red jasper stones were very costly due to their high demand. Thankfully, it has dropped significantly in price recently.

Advantages Of The Crystal:

1. It is motivational.

Red Jasper is a good stone to use when you need a little push to start moving forward. Askinosie states that it is well-known to aid in overcoming problems like hesitation, stalling, and delays by redirecting you to take action.

2. It encourages positivity.

Red Jasper is not only a powerful motivator, but it will also help you approach your endeavors with an optimistic mindset. Red jasper may inspire you to begin a new activity and to see your work until the conclusion, adopting a positive and driven mindset.

3. It is grounding.

The base (or first) chakra, to which red jasper is linked, is responsible for feelings of safety, security, and grounding. Furthermore, Askinosie states that red jasper is associated with the initial chakra “because it enables you to feel rooted and begin on a really firm basis therefore that you may go on.”

How To Properly Use Red Jasper:

Meditation and goal setting are two of the most accessible methods to deal with stones; Askinosie shares a fast technique for working with red jasper that is both easy and effective. Here’s the procedure:

Think about a task you have been avoiding while you hold a red jasper in your hand. Within 24 hours, finish the plan you made. Utilize it in conjunction with your list of goals.

Finally, red jasper is a wonderful stone to carry with you throughout the day. It may be worn as a piece of jewelry, carried in a handbag, or even tucked away in a pocket.  

How To Use Red Jasper With Other Crystals 

You should wear red jasper and citrine together to strengthen your resolve and stamina. Mix it with carnelian to increase happiness. Pair smoky quartz with crimson jasper if you are trying to part with something.

Hematite, obsidian, moss agate, black amethyst, and garnet are other helpful minerals to use while working with the root chakra.

How To Clean And Recharge Your Crystal

A lot of how you cleanse, clarify, and charge your crystals depends on your preferences and purposes. Unlike many other stones, red jasper may be cleansed using smoke, vibration, sun/moonlight (but not too much sun), and perhaps even water.

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