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30 Lesser Known Laws of Karma

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We are all familiar with the Greatest Law of Karma. Its moral philosophy mirrors that of the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would like done unto you. You will reap what you sow. The energy you put into the universe, positive or negative, will be returned to you. This thought serves as a pillar of nearly every major religion. In fact, many non-religious people live moral and admirable lives by this thinking alone.

Here are 30 other laws of Karma.


1. True joy comes as a result of hard work, patience, and sacrifice.

2. Freedom comes hand in hand with responsibility.

3. The energy and love you put into your relationships will be returned to you. It may not be returned by the person you love, but it will be returned by the universe. Loving is its own reward.

4. What you give to another person, you give to humanity as a whole.

5. What you give to your work, you give to humanity as a whole.

6. The value of your work is in the energy and attention you have given to it.

7. We will continue to suffer in the same way until we learn the lesson we are supposed to. Then, we will have the tools we need to break the cycle.

8. Living in the past or future can cause us to miss out on the present.

9. If we cling to our old habits and ways of thinking, we prevent ourselves from developing new ones.

10. We have only truly learned a lesson once our words, thoughts, and actions are all aligned to its message.

11. If we keep our focus on our own morality and spirituality, negativity will fade into the background.

12. We cannot feel greed and peace at the same time.

13. Small actions often reverberate through the universe in increasingly large ways. Be mindful of everything you do – even if it seems insignificant.

14. To accomplish something great and interesting, you must first accomplish each of its most small and tedious components.

15. Nothing gets done unless you get started. Even when the first step is the smallest, it is the most significant.

16. Your love, energy, hard work, and inspiration contribute to humanity as a whole. The universe will reward you for these efforts.

17. In order to grow, we must be open to change.

18. Learn from your past and do your very best in the present. This will ensure a brighter future.

19. We, alone, are responsible for our own happiness.

20. We become a part of our environment. Our energy leaves its mark on our companions and surroundings, for better or worse.

21. We become what we immerse ourselves in. Our culture and companions imprint on our souls, for better or worse.

22. When we see an enemy, we are acting in ignorance to the greater truth.

23. When we see someone as lesser, we betray our own shortcomings.

24. What you refuse to accept will continue and intensify.

25. Your rewards will be in proportion to your effort.

26. Change comes from within. We can not count on other people to fix us. Only we have that power.

27. We do not have the power to change other people. We can only change ourselves.

28. External change begins with internal change.

29. If you are not being your most authentic self, you are missing out on living the life you were truly meant for.

30. We must create the change we want to see in ourselves. We can do this through our words, thoughts, and actions.

These are rules that we know in our hearts, but forget all too often. The busyness of our lives always seems to steal focus. We neglect to live spiritually in favor of collecting material accomplishments. In the end, what do we have to show for it?

As Mahatma Gandhi famously advised,

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”



About the author: Robyn Reisch is a Penn State graduate who lives in Colorado with her husband, son, and two dogs. When she is not writing, she can be found embracing the shake at Pure Barre and embracing other mommies at her MOPS group.

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