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Are You Ready To Trudge Through The Last Mercury Retrograde Of 2020?

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury turns Retrograde around three times a year. Each Retrograde phase lasts for around three weeks, bringing slow-downs and confusion regarding our thoughts, timing, communication, and technology.

As Mercury prepares to turn Retrograde for the third and final time this year, here are some things you ought to remember:

Mercury Retrograde is going to bring some drama facilitated by miscommunications. If you want to avoid unnecessary drama, double-check all your emails and texts, think twice before you speak, and be absolutely clear about your intentions. Also, cross-check your schedules and make sure you don’t confuse dates and timings.

If you have been eyeing a major purchase, wait till the 3rd of November, when Mercury stations Direct.

Plans made during the Mercury Retrograde will have their flaws as you miss out on important details or even misunderstand the terms. It is also best to postpone signing new contracts during this phase.

Being the controller of our schedules, in Retrograde motion, Mercury is bringing chaos for us. If you have Zoom meetings, confirm the dates and timings. And avoid going for tight schedules. Keep buffer time for yourself because Mercury likes to surprise us.

With Mercury roaming in watery Scorpio, past flings are bound to resurface. Those in relationships might see hidden resentments rising. If you get in a relationship during the Retrograde, chances are, it won’t last.

Before Mercury turns Retrograde, take stock of all your files and back up all important documents. Technological hiccups are just around the corner. If your laptop acts up, try to be patient and work with the flow. Don’t let these frustration impact your career or health.

As frustrating as Mercury Retrogrades usually are, this time it is in a water sign. This means it will create more trouble for your emotional side and make hidden feelings come to the surface.

Take this time to slow down and reflect on your current path. Sit back, and plan for the future till the Retrograde gets over.

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