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The New Moon In Scorpio Will Urge You To Open Up

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by SARA COUGHLIN | Rafinery29

Back in October, the new moon took place in the diplomatic sign of Libra and called on us to focus on our relationships with others. This month, this pensive lunar phase will occur on Wednesday, November 7 in Scorpio and shine a spotlight on the darkest, most cluttered corners of our psyches — then ask us to dig right in.

If you’ve never observed a new moon, you can think of it as the mirror image, literally and spiritually, of a full moon: Where the moon appears completely illuminated and lights up the night sky when it’s full, the moon is essentially invisible when it’s new, as it has lost all illumination.

Where the full moon is associated with the culmination of our work from the last month (and, hopefully, any rewards that come with those accomplishments), the new moon indicates a period of planning, preparation, and reflection. The new moon urges us to seek out and understand the potential for progress in an area of our lives. This month, that area is our subconscious, as it is ruled by Scorpio.

If the thought of plumbing your emotional depths sounds like a lot to take on for a Wednesday night, we get it — this new moon will likely feel much more intense than the last few months’. What can we say, Scorpio is an intense sign.

Ruled by the element of water and the (dwarf) planet Pluto, Scorpio is the Zodiac’s version of that old saying, “Still waters run deep.” People born under this sign don’t shy away when faced with immense change or churning emotions. They might not make a big, outward show of confronting these forces, but they absolutely are processing them from within.

Of course, Scorpios aren’t the only people who experience deep and profound feelings. We all do, but on the new moon we’ll be encouraged to reckon with them Scorpio-style.

In other words, embrace the entire range of your emotions, even those that make you uncomfortable or don’t fit perfectly with how you want to feel at the moment. Write them down, illustrate them, or simply observe them. Accepting your subconscious as part of yourself will make it way less scary.

And, by sitting with your feelings and deep-set concerns, you may discover a solution that you’ve been overlooking. Such is the way of this month’s new moon — you’ll be asked to go deep, but you won’t return to the surface empty-handed.

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