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This Is How The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

On 19th November, the eclipse season starts with the 2021 November Full Moon in Taurus. So, you should do well to be prepared for some cosmic changes.

This lunation is also called the Beaver Moon. It will also be a lunar eclipse. So it is indicating all kinds of fated twists, endings, and revelations.

As such, it’s a great time to go where the universe takes you and be accepting of changes, although they might be uncomfortable. The eclipsed full moon will have a unique effect on each person. So here is the effect on the different zodiacs.


Your mental focus is on finances right now. However, do not decide anything rashly or at a moment’s notice. Be wary of unexpected changes regarding your income. However, also expect a few big opportunities that can get you a better paycheck for the future.


This lunation filled with change will be situated near your heart, so you may feel like a metamorphosis is taking place. You are getting to know new sides of yourself. You are also trying to be more honest in your life and relationships particularly. Accept the transformation.


Even if you are adaptable and one of the quicker mutable signs, change can sometimes be tough. As such, this lunation will be a great time for relaxing and staying away from the responsibilities of life. Put aside social obligations and work and try embracing this eclipse’s spiritual meaning via journaling or meditation.


Your focus is on your friends, presently. Be careful regarding group hangouts and collaborations, as conflicts might be brewing. But your empathic and nurturing spirit can bridge the conflicting opinions and make your crew harmonious once more.


The spotlight of this eclipse is on your professional life. So be prepared for a few major shifts regarding your professional attitude. Current projects can have swift or unexpected conclusions, and it will be easy to be on a new trajectory. Believe that these actions by the universe are preparing the ground for some big level-ups in your career.


This eclipse will encourage you to do that one thing that you really wanted to do but never got the time for it. This is the time for embracing adventure. Your spiritual expansion has to happen now.


This eclipse can bring many revelations for you. You might think you have x-ray visions with how well you will be able to look into your business deals, investments, and intimate relationships. Even if the truth is uncomfortable, you will have to face it now.


Be prepared to self-reflect and face the consequences regarding your style of partnership. The heart is likely to have sudden changes right now, so it might be easier for you to release those long-held feelings right now. You might even find feelings developing faster than usual.


If you have been having trouble getting through your daily responsibilities, this eclipse can help you get back on track. It might involve your routine being completely changed. You are finding more effective methods of self-care, getting work done, as well as managing daily stress.


Eclipses are often stressful, but this one can help create room for passion projects and fresh relationships to bloom. Believe that the present hardships and shifts are enriching your soul’s garden. Romance and inspiration can, thus, bloom here.


You might find yourself overwhelmed by personal struggles, family drama, or difficult memories, so it will be an emotional rollercoaster. However, it will also be a chance for releasing these feelings’ vice grip over you.


Your social sphere may bring all kinds of intriguing opportunities and revelations now. So keep that antenna perked. You may meet a special someone completely unexpectedly or stumble across some information that changes the whole game.

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