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The Healing Effect That Violet Flame Has On Twin Flames

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The Violet Flame is a very high-degree vibrational energy that possesses the ability to heal. Purple or violet in color, it can remove negative forces and elements and so is very helpful in protecting twin flame relationships.

Importance of Violet Flame

The most primary need for a twin flame relationship to function is for both the flames to have similar vibrational energy. This can be achieved by removing all negativity which helps in forming the union.

Most unaware people have low energy and so it’s quite difficult to transform into high vibration. However, those who have deep knowledge about life have higher vibrations. Negative elements like rage, envy, hate and others, should be absent from a twin flames relationship.

The change to a higher vibrational energy needs certain meditative techniques and that’s where violet flame helps. This flame affects you and your environment, cleansing everything of negativity.

Meditative Techniques

In order to reach optimum vibrational energy and peace in your life meditate regularly as it kickstarts the process of transformation.

Methods for Violet Flame Meditation

Firstly, go to a peaceful place and start meditating. You must envision yourself surrounded by a violet flame that it won’t harm you but would rather heal you.

If you face difficulty in picturing the flame, then it’s best to first try out some visualizing exercises and then start meditating for the best results.

You should picture the flames all over your body, seeping into your soul as it heals you thoroughly, settling all the negative energy ablaze.

Meditate With Twin Flame

For the process to work efficiently, you must meditate daily. It’s even better if you can do it with your twin flame. In case, the twin flame isn’t spiritual then you must do it by yourself. The good vibes between the two have a great impact on the effectiveness of the meditation.

So it’s brilliant if they join you. Picture that the violet flame is engulfing both of you and removing all the pain, darkness and troubles, paving the path for positivity.

In Conclusion

Use the violet flame to heal illness and send positive vibes to others. You must understand its’ powers and miraculous abilities.

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