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8:8 Lionsgate Portal Opening: Supercharged Energy & Massive Shift In Consciousness

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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology is quite useful in determining the path of our spiritual life. Many cosmic alignments also follow the rules of numerology.

The Lionsgate 88 Portal is such a cosmic alignment, which gets activated on 8th August, that is, 8/8. During this period, the sun is in Leo and Sirius, the star rises. High vibrational energy is sent towards us and we are required to connect to this energy.

This Portal reaches its peak on the 8th Day of the 8th month and is quite a spiritually charged time. This is because 8 represents Infinite, and is thus, the forever conscious element present in our soul. It shows the power of reincarnation and the immortality of our soul.

About Number 8

The main magic behind number 8 may be infinity, but there is a lot more. It is associated with the activation of DNA. It brings about higher consciousness levels and takes us on the ride to higher dimensions as well. Power and abundance become the main direction of your life. To get the best of 8/8, you should use it to cleanse yourself and prepare for energy reception.

While Lionsgate might seem like it focuses on numerology, astrology is a major part of it too. Our Spiritual Sun, that is, Sirius (one of the brightest stars present in the sky) lights up the world around us and enlightens the truth within us. The ancients believed in the Sirius Star as a gateway of heaven and home to higher beings. Hence, Sirius rising became a special time and marked the New Year.

In Egypt, the Nile flooded during Sirius rising and was thus deemed as a bringer of prosperity. Many theories suggest the pyramids were transmitters trying to make sense of Sirius’ vibrations. The Sphinx is also related to the Leo Zodiac sign which shows how this matches the Leo Season. This helped Egyptians connect with their Gods, Anubis and Isis, both having connections with the star Sirius. Along with Egyptians, Sumerians, Dogon tribes and Babylonians respected and worshipped the star too. We all know the Sun helps our physical bodies and nourishes the Earth but Sirius can be taken as a star that nourishes our spiritual side and brings awakening to us.

What Intention Will You Set?

Since this is the time for new beginnings, there are a few intentions you can set:

:: Third Eye

With this portal active, you can make a move to open up your third eye and see how intuition speaks to you. During this phase, our intuition becomes stronger and more receptive.

:: Healing of the heart

You can attempt to open up the heart chakra during this phase. Try to channel the magic of healing to your heart and let it free you from guilt or grief.

:: Psychic messages

This is the moment where you can download a lot of psychic messages since it will come to you in the form of dreams or through spirit guides. It will intensify if you spend time meditating or automatic writing.

:: Visitations

When the portal opens up, you will get visits from your guardian angels or spirit guides. This can take place through dreams or visions. You might even find signs from your loved ones all across you, trying to direct you to something.

:: Chakra Alignments

There are 7 main chakras in our body but there are many smaller chakras connected to these main chakras. During this portal opening, you can activate your chakra with ease.

:: Peace

During the portal opening, you will come across peaceful vibrations which will help you meditate and heal your mind. It will help you restore happy memories.

:: Freedom

The vibes of Sirius encourages freedom. It lights up the physical world and shows that it is just an illusion. It enlightens our soul and hence, brings us in tune with our spiritual side.

:: Creative Side

When you match up peace and freedom, you get an opportunity to be creative. Take this moment to start up a creative endeavor.

:: Tech Advancements

Sirius is partial to technology and gives it a significant boost. So, if you want to make an innovation in the tech field or build websites, use this moment and make the most of it.

Let the Lionsgate Portal awaken you and direct you to your dreams.

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