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What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Learn About Money With The Holiday Season Approaching

by consciousreminder
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By Conscious Reminder

The year is coming to an end and the Holiday season is approaching too. We all have long lists of gifts to buy and hence money is on everyone’s mind now.

Scorpio season is still on and it surely has the theme of money and taxes. Mercury Retrograde is also in place now. Not a good time for new investments.  What you can do is revise your financial strategy and look for new opportunities.

Venus is out of bounds and it will cause some damage to your savings. Being the ruler of luxury, Venus will nudge you towards impulse shopping.  Let Scorpio help you with some self-control.

Here’s how you can best tackle your finances according to your zodiac sign:


As you prepare for the Holiday season, you are now busy reassessing your finances. You can always take the help of a financial adviser if you feel the need. You’re in a transitional phase and money is definitely one of your top priorities now. So start working on your budgeting plan as you prepare for the future.


Not loving your current job? This is a perfect time for you to take up a new and exciting class. Learn something new, invest in yourself. It will bear you great returns in the future. There is no age bar for learning so start stimulating your mind and body.


You have been expecting a raise and rightly so. You have worked hard and you deserve this raise. And don’t worry, it’s on its way. It still might take a bit longer but stay focused on your work. Keep communicating with your boss and your finances will surely receive a boost before the Holiday season.


Financial obligations have been weighing you down. If you are thinking about taking out a loan or borrowing from a friend, remember that the Mercury Retrograde is still in place. So either try to wait and then rethink if you really need this loan. Otherwise, if you must, then first prepare a fool-proof plan to ensure that you can repay the full amount soon. Tread with caution now.


Beware of any sketchy financial schemes. Looks too good to be true? It probably is. Venus is in a fellow fiery sign so such lucrative offers will tempt you. But you must have faith in your intuition and it will guide you to better financial opportunities.


Summer 2019 was not so much about control for you but now you are back in form. Continue your hard work and your practical mind will guide your finances in the right direction. You will have plenty in savings, just in time for the Holiday season!


It’s high time you took stock of your finances. You have to focus on them now. Some restructuring is on the way and it might take some time. Stay focused on your goal. Things have been rough but now you are on the right track. Keep going!


You have been working your a** off the last few months and you deserve the due payments. If you have been working in a partnership, keep track to make sure you are receiving your fair share. People might try to trick you out of your payments so stay sharp.


You have been struggling with finances and things are not going to improve any time soon sadly. Live on a tight budget now and that will be of some help. Venus is running wild in your sign so controlling your finances won’t be easy but it is necessary. Curb your expenditures now and the future will allow you the much needed financial freedom in the Holiday season.


While most others are struggling with their finances, you have been on top of your game. You have made some great investments in the past and are free to enjoy the profits now. Your pragmatic mind has helped you reach this position so enjoy and splurge a bit now.


Changes are due in your workplace and you might be offered an escalation. But you should only go for this promotion if it truly helps you financially. Unless the job pays you enough for your hard work, what is the use of a new gig?


You have been enjoying your rather good looking bank balance. But maybe it is time to draw up a sound financial plan before the Holiday season. Get organized and follow a budget. Your financial position is not as bad as you think.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start the Holiday shopping so make sure you have more than you would like to spend!

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