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The 2022 Neptune Retrograde’s Effect On Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

We are about to officially step into the densest part of 2022’s retrograde season.

Neptune was the latest to go retrograde on June 28th. This was the beginning of 5 months filled with spiritual tests, unconscious work, and intuition realignment.

Here is what your zodiac should expect during this planetary retrograde:


Neptune is making a long journey through your 12th house governing spirituality and solitude. This means you are annually getting wiser about your spirituality. The approaching months will ask you to rely more on the inner messages.


You might be facing some trouble setting boundaries with those around you because you don’t have a clear understanding of your social position. However, give some space to yourself and keep a bit of faith and you will get the answers.


Your public life and next steps in your career may have been foggy recently. However, the Neptune retrograde will revive a few professional inspirations as well as let you gain a more practical and logical perspective.


During this retrograde, separate the chaff from the spiritual wheat as you become comfortable with your paradigms and beliefs. Don’t get immersed in fantasies that other people or society want us to believe. They may not be the desire of your heart.


The next few months can see you having to confront uncomfortable relationship truths or deep-buried secrets. Keep your energy protected and aim to set boundaries as you traverse through such soul-enriching experiences.


The rose-tinted glasses are coming off in your personal relationships. The Neptune retrograde will show everything that is alright and everything that has not worked at all. Romanticizing relationships is well and good, but turning a blind eye to red flags will only have worse consequences.


Playing the role of a TikTok “that girl” is enjoyable, but not all problems can be solved that way. During the next few months, search for ways in which you can instill spiritual wellness in your life in a sustainable manner. Prioritize spending time recharging, and do not hesitate to turn down things that do not sit right.


The Neptune retrograde has heightened creativity as well as your sense of romantic explorations. This emotionally charged energy is full of potential, albeit you do not exactly know the things you want. You have to trust in your instincts, especially in matters regarding dating and love.


The Neptune Retrograde is asking you to drop everything and confront your past. As much as you like seeking out the next adventure, it’s time to sit down and integrate the emotional entanglements that took place during each of them.


You have gradually seen more of the magic that takes place every day in your life. However, the Neptune retrograde can mess up communication styles and daily affairs leading to questions about self-expression and what you hear from others. Believe in the fact that there will be a new perspective awaiting you at the end of this period.


Usually, you listen to your intellect when you seek answers about your true desire. However, during the Neptune retrograde, you might discover that there are stories being told by your intuition too. Let your spiritual and physical instincts together guide you towards your priorities in life.


Neptune, your ruler, has recently finished spending a decade in Pisces, instilling spiritual power and mystical glamor. However, during the upcoming period, the planet may cast a fog of confusion over others’ perceptions of you. Stay honest to yourself and your identity’s fundamental tenets.

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