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Mercury Goes Retrograde On July 7th: Relax, But Beware Of The Trickster

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by Conscious Reminder

There is a Mercury Retrograde between July 7 and August 2 in 2019, in Cancer and Leo. As it is with Mercury Retrogrades, the general vibe seems to be ‘Don’t start anything’.

But, considering that the Retrograde occurs around thrice a year, and lasts for 8 weeks, spending so much time hiding seems to be a big waste. This is a magical time, despite its misgivings, and we need to utilize that.

In this retrograde, Mercury would be stationed in retrograde, conjuncting Mars. This, naturally, would signal a period when threats would be made, but to no avail.

Also, the Sun is going to conjunct Sirius, as Mercury’ direction changes. Now, this period would be pretty heated up, for both the stars are quite…hot. This will lead to us having a pretty short temper around.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo Decan I- July 7th to 18th

In this, Mercury would be presented with leadership skills and the oratory gift. Also, people who would find themselves unable to find their own ideas would be able to evoke them through Prasesaepe’s spirit guides.

This is the point when we would be influenced a lot by our ancestors and would give in to many family traditions, simply because the connection is present.

But it isn’t all fun and games, for you might also fall into dark, melancholic thoughts. These might not be your thoughts per se and could be some ancestral injury or a deep wound that runs in the family, but it would affect everyone equally.

Nevertheless, one would do well in positions of commerce. Especially those who adapt and improvise their pitch for sales easily, depending upon the audience, will succeed.

The Cazimi Moment

In the middle of this, the Sun would be in a ‘cazimi’ with Mercury. This would be on Aludra, which is situated in Canis Major’s tail. This constellation carries an energy that is very devoted.

Here, we would be facing the eye of the storm but would come out of it alive. If we can use the moment when the Sun conjuncts Mercury, we could be well on our way to receiving some summer love.

The Fixed Stars Of Mercury Retrograde

During this time, Mercury doesn’t really have a say in any matter, and yet it clashes with the stars of Pollux and Castor. One’s psychic powers may get very strong, but there’s also an off chance that Mercury turns crafty and starts sabotaging things, just like Loki.

There could be confusion about which side to believe in, this retrograde. And as Pollux gets activated, there is a high chance that it would be the dark side.

On the one hand, we could get the spy, and the researcher, who would be spending their days in the dark, working hard to save humanity from further trouble. In Mercury Cancer 3, some rules might get broken, and people might lie a lot, but if the intention is honorable, we could say that it was the effect of Castor.

Unfortunately, they would be called tricksters and ridiculed in society. There have been several instances of such throughout history. Rushdie, Huxley, Assange, Szabo- all these great writers and researchers told what seemed to be lies at one point of time, but turned out to be prophetic, or true.

Risk-taking is key, and if one is skilled enough, they could very well fight the legal system from outside, or be one of them, and help cleanse the dirt.

Words can be weapons, so be careful. Don’t run your mouth, and put value in what you say, as it stands, people can also be ‘sentenced’ to death (no pun intended), but one should always be careful about what to say. Or Pollux might rear its ugly head.

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