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Your Soulmate Hasn’t Found You Yet? Maybe These 7 Things Are The Reason Why

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by Conscious Reminder

At a certain point in life, every one of us is going to meet our soulmate, but waiting for a long time will make us even more impatient. Just because we are still not connected with our other half, it doesn’t mean that we are going to be alone for the rest of our lives, and we have to accept it.

Our soulmate is going to find us when we are prepared for that. Our Universe knows the right time when this is supposed to happen and is going to manifest that person in front of us, regardless of our wants. So, when we think that we are prepared for our soulmate to finally find us, and we are searching hard, but nothing pays off, there will definitely be some reason for that.

We have to remember that when we try hard to find the soulmate, we are not supposed to work harder, but we have to stop and also think about where we actually are on the path of life. When we overcome the obstacles which we face within, we may promote the atmosphere needed for the coming of our soulmate.

Here are the seven reasons why our soulmate has still not found us:

1. You are still holding grudges and negativity.

When we harbor negativity, our soulmate is not going to have the ability to present himself or herself in front of us. In order the person to appear in our life, we need to be in the appropriate place on an emotional level. Of course, our soulmate can sometimes find us right when we feel the worst; however, that will not be when we feed into negativity.

2. You have been releasing things, but not the right ones yet.

When we search for our soulmate, we should not expect her or him to appear when we still hold onto lovers from our past. We need to keep going and let those people who brought us down or torn us apart in the past. Our attachment to such people will not do us any favors.

3. You are not your true self.

Soulmates are real lovers. They will accept us regardless of who we actually are like no other person can. When we don’t know who we are, our soulmate might sometimes not have the ability to still come into our life. So, before we dive into the soulmates’ world, we have to understand our lives in a better way and realize who we are.

4. It’s not the right time and place.

Our Universe is the ruler over everything, so until our Universe thinks that we are prepared for our soulmate, nothing will happen. Our soulmate will come into our life just when we are prepared, so we are not supposed to rush. We have to trust in our Universe.

5. You still haven’t learned all those lessons you are supposed to learn.

When we don’t learn the lessons which our Universe wants us to learn, we will not be rewarded. When we have shown the needed effort, our Universe will allow our soulmate to come. There is a possibility that we overlook some serious life lessons.

6. You are giving significance to insignificant people. 

Our soulmates will definitely not be those toxic people we allowed to control our lives. Most of the time, we waste our time in thinking that those toxic people actually care for us. When someone holds our back but still brings us down, he or she is not our soulmate.

7. You are overworking yourself just to maintain control over things. 

When we are more focused than usual on controlling our soulmate, he or she will not have the ability to find us. So, being with our soulmate is about being prepared and free, so that we can keep going. We need to stop being obsessed when it comes to controlling our soulmate, and sometimes we need to permit ourselves actually to exist but without being guided.

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