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Astro Forecast & Aspects Of 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

There are many planetary alignments that are going to take place in 2019. The coming year is going to be quite eventful and it brings in a lot of changes in family life and your relationship with the outside world outside.

There are aspects and eclipses happening throughout the year. Interested to know how it will affect you? Here are the horoscopes that will tell you how the cosmos is going to interact with you this coming year:

Horoscope Aspects in 2019

Saturn will sextile Neptune

One of the major aspects of 2019 is that Saturn will sextile Neptune. It promises to bring material gains from your spiritual journey. You will now be more capable of pursuing your dreams. There will be limitations but the planet will feed you the right amount of optimistic energy needed to push you onwards and approach your dream in a realistic manner. Plus, you will be able to fit in your spiritual needs within this bigger picture of life. You might have to make sacrifices but that will be for your greater good. You will be more capable to help people follow their dream too with your spiritual support backing them up,

When Jupiter will square Neptune

The other major aspect during the year 2019 is when Jupiter will square Neptune. It’s not the best time but it will test your strength in the face of disappointment. You might be too optimistic during this time – more idealistic than in the real world. You might trust your romantic partner more than they deserve – you might even take risks based on your rose-tinted view of the world and fall flat. Your resources will no longer seem as safe and sound as you thought it was – so you have to take extra caution during this period.

Finale – When Jupiter will trine Uranus

However, the ending of the year will be great. There is Jupiter which will trine Uranus and bring exciting encounters into your life. Jupiter is expansive so you might want to go out of your comfort zone and start exploring the world better. You will feel the freedom to take more risks, expand your point of view and pick up new opportunities as they come in your way. You have to push boundaries and live in an expansive manner. There might be unexpected opportunities that might come your way, and all of it can get you to a positive change that you need in the year.

Eclipses in 2019

Solar Eclipse on January 2019

There will be a solar eclipse happening in January 2019 and it will be a positive alignment with the balanced star Vega. This star is in the Lyra constellation and has a creative influence. The January solar eclipse conjunct with Saturn brings up a serious mood but the light energy of Neptune acts as a relaxant. It’s a great time to start a new business or for embarking on a creative journey – a bit of kindness and charity would go a long way during this time.

Lunar Eclipse in Leo

There is also a Lunar eclipse that’s taking place in Leo. It’s a passionate time and it will be affected by rebellious Uranus. Some unexpected news might create sudden consternation in you. It will be an anxious period and you will be uncertain about what the future might bring. On top of that, the lunar eclipse arrives at a place where there are only dim stars making no place for light. However, the sun comes to the rescue – it is aligned with brighter starts giving more courage during this tough time. Adaptability, patience and an open mind will help a lot during this period and will help us when new opportunities come our way.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

There is a solar eclipse that takes place in Cancer during July 2019. This is optimistic especially when you consider the previous terrible one in Leo. Uranus and a star present in Gemini Constellation will bring a lot of positive vibes and cement your friendships and relationships with sprinklings of good times. It’s a time when people will come together for peaceful negotiations. If you are open-minded and work hard, you can even accomplish what you dreamed of.

Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

There is a Lunar Eclipse that will happen in Capricorn and it is a powerful one, happening in conjunct with intense Pluto. It will likely make you a bit emotional and there might be some crisis regarding power struggles. The #MeToo will be energized by Eris, the dwarf planet that this eclipse will square, and it will strengthen the feminist attacks to destroy patriarchy. While there might be scandals and destruction of reputations, there will also be sympathy and understanding during this time.

It will be a tumultuous year but it’s all looking to end well. Just be aware and careful and do good by yourself – you can sail past it easily.

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