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The Trinity of Mind – The Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind

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“Man is the mirror of the universe, and his triple nature stands in relationship to all things.” – Van Helmont, the Great Flemish Scientist and Chemist.

The mind is an interplay between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

As we understand the trinity of the human mind, we are mastering all aspects of our gifted powers – our mind.

Once we pay close attention to our inner self, we come to realization how the three important components of the mind controls our reality.

The Trinity of Mind –

The Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind

When we speak of mind, we usually think of the brain.

The mind is not the brain, it is the brain of the brain, the brain of the spirit.

According to the Principle of Mentalism, “All is Mind”.

We have but one mind, each distinct from each other and categorized according to our understanding:

  • The Conscious mind,
  • the Subconscious Mind,
  • the Unconscious/Super-Conscious Mind.

Who is really in control?

The relationship of the trinity of mind has been depicted in many ancient traditions as the battle of three consciousness for dominance.

It is where two opposing forces fight each other while the helper bring them together in harmony.

Man is usually aware of his conscious mind, but unaware of the subconscious and unconscious realm which rules his life.

It is those whose bravery and curiosity that stepped into unknown territory that become masters of their destiny.

Learning to control the unseen is learning to control fate itself.

The Seen Vs. The Unseen

  • Conscious mind = The Seen

It is all about choice and awareness. Conscious mind is awareness.

We all have that moment where we are soothingly dreaming in our sleep only to suddenly wake up, alerted to potential dangers.

Or we have the simple clarity in our mind, the “aha!” moment where our awareness is realized.

The conscious mind is simply where our attention is at the moment.

If I see the chair in front of me, I have conscious awareness of that chair.

With conscious awareness, we are able to make changes.

Our abilities lies in what we are aware of – thinking analytically, logical order, conscious choices, asking why and coming up with solutions based on fact.

Subconscious and Unconscious Mind = The Unseen

The subconscious and unconscious mind, however, are not so clear.

If the conscious mind are like honored recognized warriors, the subconscious and unconscious minds are akin to an untamed beast who lurks in the shadows.

It accounts for 95-99% of our mental life. It is the part of our mind beneath awareness.

The unseen part of the mind is illogical, protective and creative.

The Freudian Iceberg is a great example of the seen realm and the unseen realm – where only a small portion is visible compared to the invisible.

Subconscious Vs. Unconscious

Let us not intertwine these two terms.

Although they reside in the inner realm, the subconscious is different from the  unconscious mind.

What is the difference?

The Subconscious Mind = Subjective mind.

It is how we create our ego, who we think we are. It is where our emotions, memories, and beliefs are.

The subconscious mind is the Intelligence decoder.

It is the power of the mind in sending electrical impulses of information to billions of cells in our body.

It decodes the imagination, the feelings, the impulses, sensations, and instincts which results in intuition, deep insights and wisdom.

When we say to create your reality, we really mean to create your subjective reality, to change the perception of your worldview.

Because we are limited by the perception in our mind, our experiences are also limited.

When we expand our perception, we expand our experiences. You are changing the goggles which you view the world.

In changing our subjective world, we create a different experience in the outer reality.

In our subjective world lies chaos, filled with the infinite quantum field in unpredictable patterns and random sequences.

The Unconscious Mind = The Universe

The unconscious mind is the world we all universally follow.

It is the objective world.

It is our reactionary and unconscious body functions. It is connected to the unconscious collective, all of minds of mankind.

The unconscious mind is the Universe, the scientific laws, the principles of life and the governing laws of nature.

Beneath the chaos, there is an order and structure behind everything.

Chaos theory states that what seems chaotic at one level is highly organized and structured at the fundamental level.

It’s everything we don’t understand about life.

It is the objective world but before light was created, in the unseen darkness where the Cosmic source of all, the Universal Intellect, resides.

The unconscious mind, in its literal sense, is creating your reality by manipulating the very fabric of nature which we all are connected.

The Relationship of the Trinity of Mind

Conscious is about awareness: the thing which holds together You and the Universe.

Subconscious is about You: your imagination, sense of self, memory, personality, and character.

Unconscious is about nature: the universal mind, the Universe and governing patterns of life.

For an analogy, conscious is the flashlight in a dark room.

Subconscious is the dark room.

Unconscious is the house.

How to Use the Trinity of Mind

It is a battle between the dominance of You and the Universe where awareness is the only harmonizer.

Using the three part of your mind is to harmonize and align yourself together.

Here is how to use the Trinity of Mind:

  • By bringing your awareness deeper into the mystery below the iceberg, we will be able to control the unseen aspects of ourselves.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Meditation/hypnosis is the way to bring your awareness down into the subconscious and unconscious aspects of your mind.

You are exploring the unseen realm while being aware of it all.

When we have awareness, we are able to change it. Given awareness we can control.

  • Through changing your inner self, you will experience a different outer reality.

Removing the limiting beliefs you were conditioned and reprogramming the subconscious mind will bring you great change.

Strip away who you think you are and what to believe and you can begin to create new experiences and find out what is truly there.

  • By understanding the nature’s laws will we harness its power.

When you understand how fire works, you can create fire.

When you understand how electricity works, you can create electricity.

When you understand the hidden laws of nature, you, too, will be able to harness the powers of the Universe.

All is One

Remember, all is mind.

The unconscious is connected to the subconscious. All of us are connected.

You are the Universe.

There is only experience of perception in the conscious mind, there is only awareness.

By aligning together our conscious mind with the subconscious and unconscious mind, or to harmonize You and the Universe with your Awareness, we create our inner and outer reality.

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