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Spiritual Exhaustion: Feeling Tired After Spiritual Awakening

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you ever felt too tired to even do anything? Has emptiness ever settled so deep in your heart that you have no zeal or zest for any task whatsoever? Are you doing everything just for the sake of doing it? Are you feeling clueless and purposeless?

If yes, then it may be the case of spiritual exhaustion. If you will not take immediate steps to revitalize your soul then you could be left hanging in this dry patch.

Here is how to recover from spiritual exhaustion.

Calm Your Mind

As the mind and the soul are very intricately connected, so when the peace of mind is disrupted, say due to anxiety or depression; then it affects your soul as well. All you need to attain the peace of mind is to clear it of all the mess. You must find the deepest root of your trouble and then you must let go of your concerns. Meditation can be the best solution for your problems here.

Avoid Noise And Anger

The idea here is to stay away from things that unsettle your mind. Noise and anger can affect your mental health negatively. You must find a way to create peace and silence in your mind.

Celebrate Being In The Company Of Loved Ones

You can use the energy of your loved ones to recharge your soul. They carry a vibe of positive energy as they only wish good for you and thus you can discharge your negativity out of your mind in their company.

Renew Your Connection With Nature

Nature is open and is itself liberated. So, when close to nature, you can also give up your insecurities and fears.

A Warm Embrace

Ask your loved ones and friends to give you a warm, friendly hug. A hug carries a lot of positive energy which can revitalize your soul.

Are you sure that what you are feeling isn’t spiritual exhaustion? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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