Is Your Crown Chakra Godding? Here’s How To Tell

The Crown Chakra is the final stage in our awakening to the power of the universe. It is known as the seventh sense and for an activated crown chakra it is said to have the power to interact with and understand the cosmos.

This is our path into reaching inside our own minds and finally understanding the deeper workings of our consciousness. Our crown chakra evolves gradually, just like a lotus flower blooms slowly. When it is fully activated, we will be on an elevated level in our journey of spirituality.

Godding or the process of the evolution of crown chakra is what will help us in tapping into our spirituality. Godding allows us to embrace our spirituality and gives us a better understanding of the cosmos.

Here are the various signs of a developing crown chakra:

  • The first sign of a maturing crown chakra is a shift in how we perceive the world around us and our understanding of change. Whereas earlier we are skeptical and anti-change, a developing crown chakra means that we now embrace it. This is because we understand that change is completely natural and the only constant in nature.
  • We also finally understand the reason behind our existence. As we become more aware of the cosmos, we also understand our role and importance within it. We find the purpose of our living and also a better understanding of how to reach it.
  • Also as we reach the maturation of the crown chakra, we are finally able to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. Not only are we capable of understanding the complex code of how the cosmos work, we also get the perceptions and power to implement it in our daily life.
  • We finally get the understanding that a simple life is a better life. All the material pleasures and fancy glitz and glamour of a rich life hinder us from pursuing our true spiritual path. With godding we will be able to give up on the temptations without any regret or fear.
  • And finally when we are truly connecting to the cosmos thanks to our activated crown chakra, we understand the inherent unity amongst every being in creation. We learn the true essence of love and forgiveness as we realize that everything is interconnected and one. We will be able to love fully and wholly. Because it is the power of love that holds this entire creation together.

Godding doesn’t put us on a pedestal as compared to our fellow human beings. It gives us the understanding and maturity to love them all and teach them the path that we have thus followed. It means that with our heightened spirituality we will be able to serve them better, not be above them.

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