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April 2022 Astrology Through Dates: Smoothing Out The Edges

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by Conscious Reminder

April’s cosmic energies are going to have a few irritations. However, at the end of the day, those will only bring out the diamond-like shine in us.

There are two especially important cosmic events during this month. They are Jupiter-Neptune alignment in Pisces and the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Furthermore, Pluto will also start to retrograde as April comes to an end.

Here is an in-depth look at April 2022’s most significant astrological transits:

1st April: Sun-Chiron Conjunct In Aries

The annual occurrence presents a chance to progress to the next stage in our journey of healing. The healing energy can bring deeper awareness and a softening to those who are in the middle of their healing journey. Chiron also transforms our wounds into portals containing wisdom, so there may be chances to attain new insights and wisdom from them.

4th to 6th April: Mars-Saturn Conjunct In Aquarius

This conjunction has a tendency to reveal a few harsh truths. During this time, we cannot shirk our responsibilities. If there are things that have dragged on, or we have slacked off on them, we may need to act on them quickly now. It also has a bit of volatile energy present.

12th April: Jupiter-Neptune Conjunct In Pisces

This event is April’s highlight. The layered event indicates creative inspirations, spiritual awakening, as well as a change in our perception of reality. The planets can also trigger fresh spiritual visions and spiritual growth. However, it can also make us disconnected from reality and resort to unhealthy coping methods. Finally, it can cause a lot of tears because of the planets’ association with water.

14th April: Sun-Eris Conjunct In Aries

Eris is also the Goddess governing Strife and Discord. This is one of this month’s polishing moments. So, be aware of that if irritating things keep happening during this time. You should remain grounded and be aware that there is no need for remaining in uncomfortable situations. Work on creating harmonious energy.

16th April: Full Moon In Libra

The Libra full moon will be stirring tension. However, there will be support from the Universe that will let you release control as well as let go of things that we do not want to carry any further. Let the lunation’s illuminating energies enlighten things that are surfacing. When the tensions start settling as the days go on, you will gain better clarity as to how to proceed.

19th April: Start Of Taurus Season

The shift to Taurus from Aries let us begin nurturing the inspirational seeds that we seeded during the Aries season. Taurus season will support us in making a routine, and attaining a methodical approach when it comes to working. Also, self-care and pleasure are going to be a big focus.

28th April: Venus-Neptune Conjunct In Pisces

This energy is beautiful for spiritual growth, romance, and creativity. It is best used for caring for ourselves, spending the day with someone loved, and recharging beside the water.

29th April: Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn Begins

The pleasant run when there were no major planetary retrogrades is coming to an end. This energy is subtle, but it will make us reflect on the way we are using our power. This retrograde will make us look back on the period between 2021 October till now. It will also call upon us to take on brand new power. If we did not step up till now, then this time may force us into making that leap.

April 30th: New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus + Venus-Jupiter Conjunct In Pisces

This is 2022’s first eclipse and takes place at the same time as another major alignment. This will be a positive sign indicating silver linings and bright opportunities. If April proved to be challenging then the Eclipse will offer sunshine. This day will be powerful for work regarding manifestation, so stay open and trust everything that the Universe may bring your way.

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