Get Ready For Some Warring Energies With The Mars-Saturn Square

by Conscious Reminder

Mars-Saturn Square, starting this August, is one of the most important and impactful astrological events of the year.

While this is an event we witness every year, the Square usually lasts for a few days. But Mars-Saturn Square 2020 is here to stay for several months now!

The alignment will be peaking on 3 dates: 24th August 2020, 29th September 2020, and 12th January 2021. These major planets will have some tussle going on for the next 5 months. So here’s what you need to know about them now.

Take Action With Mars

Being the planet of motivation and action, Mars is represented by the warrior. The hasty and impulsive nature of Mars drives it to reach its goals. But this is also the planet that motivates us to conquer our fears. It pushes us out of our minds and makes the body take action. Mars makes us take the leap of faith and keeps us going.

Responsibilities With Saturn

Saturn controls our boundaries and restrictions. While Mars makes us take action, Saturn makes us responsible for those actions. Saturn makes sure we keep ourselves grounded and keep our integrity intact.

The Lord of Karma is the strict teacher who will make us sit with our uncomfortable truths until we learn the lessons. Saturn might seem too hard a taskmaster, but if we can persevere with it, the rewards will be more than we ever imagined.

Mars-Saturn Square

A Square means 2 planets are aligned at 90degrees, which usually creates tension that challenges both the planets. Mars and Saturn are extremely different from each other, and the Square only increases the tension. While Mars pushes us towards fearless action, Saturn makes us take responsibility. Hence, for the next few months, we will experience the tussle of these two energies.

On a personal level, this Square can be the motivation we were looking for. It will either give us the energy to finish all pending work or make us burnt out. The best way to make the most of this Mars-Saturn Square energy would be to tap into the tenacity that Mars offers and jump into the unknown. Then let Saturn’s grounded energy guide our ideas so that they can be sustained for a long time.

Saturn’s directions and Mars’ energy can help us reach our goals. We can be fearless in our actions, but it should be in a grounded way.

On the global level, Mars-Saturn Square will create tension between people and their leaders or governments. Mars wants freedom, but Saturn will be laying down strict restrictions. Saturn wants to stick to old methods, but Mars’ energy needs the freedom to do new things.

When Saturn tries to impose rules, Mars will keep rebelling against them. Non-conformity of Mars can trigger massives changes, and a revolution might as well start in the coming months. Chaos and destruction will surely follow.

It’s not like either of them is the bad one, they are just very different from one another. Hence the tussle keeps itself alive. The energy Mars and Saturn give off are different, and so are the lessons they offer.

What we manifest depends on the collective consciousness. This is why, for the next few months, every one of us needs to work from our individual place of light and truth.

Saturn’s strong influence might see leaders being callous with their powers, which will trigger public reaction further. The Mars-Pluto Square only will amplify this energy.

Mars is one of the busiest planets of the year. 2020 has brought us many changes, directing us towards the light. We need to utilize this light to heal ourselves and make new changes that will transform the world.

Once the Mars-Saturn Square’s energy starts fading, we will see the impact of the upheavals, and also get a glimpse of the next steps. Both the planets will need to make compromises for us to win.

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