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How To Recognize Your Twin Soul Physically And Spiritually

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Recognizing your twin soul happens instinctively when you meet. It’s never a conscious decision to recognize them, its not a physical recognition either, the recognition happens in the soul level. Twin souls are magnetically drawn to each other and become one again, like they have always been.

To really know its your twin soul, you have to merge with them physically. You won’t know its your twin soul unless you have met them, emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually.

Recognizing your twin soul is to merge with them, here are some strong indicators that you have met them.

Merging on a physical level

I have been coaching people to recognize their other half, what triggers attractions etc. Even though twin soul are cosmically aligned, to merge in the physical level is very important, you do this create the relationship you desire, ground yourself and have a place in this physical plane.

To meet your twin soul is to ground yourself and be physically present in your bodies. Many people say they have met their twin soul online, which is wonderful but you have not met your twin soul in the physical and never felt the intense twin flame union, which means your not pushed further into yourself.

  • Sometimes twin souls don’t unite sexually but merge spiritually.
  • The physical meeting leads to uniting of energies.
  • Sex can drive twin souls passions to soar and deeper into themselves.

Bonding With Your Twin Soul Physically

Meeting your twin soul online is great, as the the relationship develops intellectually, however a physical meeting is much more intense and more primal. Physically recognizing your twin soul is to see yourself in the eyes of your other half.

It feels like you have finally come home and communication with them feels like you have known them forever. Physical twin flame union feels more natural and the same notion applies to sexual union as well. The physical/sexual union of twin soul allows chakra activation as one soul, merging of chakras and kundalini rising is very important during sexual union.

Kundalini Rising And Chakra Activation When You are recognizing Your Twin Soul

Recognizing your twin soul allows all your chakras to be activated, they will merge on all levels. Often people who experience kundalini rising feel they have connected with their higher self, so your knowledge being a spiritual being is even more important when you meet your twin soul. Kundalini rising can be such a intense experience for anyone, when your kundalini activates, bolts of energy is shot through your body.

This experience is very intense and many have outer body experience as a result, also reports of physical change when they have met their twin soul. Having a kundalini awakening can make you feel less grounded, so its even more important to get deep in contact with the physical body to stay grounded.

Twin souls recognize each other even if they not from the same race and age. Often twin souls experience weight loss because of the shock of meeting each other and intense energy exchanges between them.

It does not matter where you are in your life, there is always space to have more love in your life, whether you are sharing your life with your twin flame or your soul mate. There is that possibility to make that connection deeper.

Author Paul Kain explains:

  • The difference between soulmates and twin flames.
  • How to know when someone is your twin flame.
  • What are the chances of finding them.
  • Can you find a partner then start loving yourself.

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