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Don’t Reveal These Secrets About Your Relationship To Keep It Healthy & Thriving

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by Conscious Reminder

When you are in a relationship, it seems magical. You are on Cloud 9 and it becomes even more special when the relationship lasts for a long time.

It’s natural that you would want to show it to the world that you are in a happy relationship. But then, relationships are not flawless and there are some hidden things that might be going on under the happy façade.

While you are sharing about the wonders of your relationship, you should not say some of the private things that goes between you and your partner. There are some things that should remain between the two of you.

If you keep these problems under lock and key and never reveal it to anyone, it can lead to a wonderful relationship:

1. Money Problems

Unless you are dating a millionaire or you are a millionaire, then money can often rear its ugly head and affect your relationship. If you are finding it difficult to pay off your debts or have a problem with finances, your friends are not the people to know about it. Discuss it with a professional or with each other without revealing it to the world.

2. Secrets of the family

Every person has a few skeletons in the closet. If your partner trusts you, they might let you in a number of secrets of their family. Now, these secrets can be very strange and gossip-worthy, but try to keep a lid on your mouth. Since your partner is revealing each of these with a level of trust, you should respect it. Don’t reveal family secrets to anyone – keep it between the two of you.

3. Sex

Sex is personal. Whether there are some performance issues or any kind of weird fetishes, then it should stay under the blanket. No one else should be invited into these secrets. Plus, when it comes to public display of affection, many people may not be comfortable with it. If your partner is one of them, then don’t force them to partake in it. Respect their choices.

4. Infidelity

If you or your partner has cheated but even then, both of you are trying to work it out, then, don’t let others into the secret. Cheating is wrong universally and so, the relationship will be judged if you bring an external judge. No amount of rationalization could shift the blame from the cheater to circumstances or anything else. Rather work it out between the two without inviting other people in it.

5. Fighting

If you have a major fight with your partner, then you can justifiably ask for advice from your friends or family. However, if it’s a minor fight which can be resolved within a few hours or a day over a cup of coffee, then you don’t have to reveal everything to everyone. Your family and friends would continue to hold grudges even if you have forgotten all about the little fight.

6. Insecurities

If your partner has some insecurities, then don’t go around asking for help. While your heart is in the right place, your partner may feel terrible to find out that you have revealed their insecurities to another. Rather, try to talk to them and keep it within yourselves.

So, keep your mouth shut on these small issues and make the most of your relationship.

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