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Capricorn Season 2020: Astrological Forecast By Dates

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by Conscious Reminder

Capricorn Season starts from 21st December which is also Winter Solstice along with the Great Conjunction of the year 2020.

This is amazing energy for starting a new span and represents a season of exponential energy that provides us with the ability to visualize, create, and manifest our positivity around.

Capricorn has influenced all the other zodiac signs throughout 2020 and as the year closes, we all can reflect on the wisdom gained. Although 2020 has been significant for Capricorn, this season will be a relief as the planets relocate and part from each other.

Capricorn is symbolized by a Seagoat which is half goat and half fish. Both these creatures possess insight and knowledge about the mountains along with the sea.

Every person has been through the depths that the seas offer and climbed mountains in our course of life that has eventually made us wiser.

Important Cosmic Events In Capricorn Season of 2020-21:

Great Conjunction & Solstice (21st December)

The beginning day of the Capricorn Season will be intensely energetic and will be impactful as we start a new cycle for all the planets together. The powerful energies of 21st December will be motivating us to step into ‘New Earth’ as well as increase the world’s frequencies.

Ultimate Mars Square Pluto (23rd December)

2020 had two alignments of Mars Square Pluto and this will be the 3rd and ultimate one. This arrangement has created some formidable energies that have been circulating for the past few months. Now, we must wait to see the impacts of the final one which might bring closure. So stay alert and mindful.

Cancer Full Moon (28th/29th December)

A profound and sensitive Full Moon which is also liberating in nature. All our burdens and baggage will crash down. Though this is an emotional process, it will free us, provided we take care of ourselves.

Mars Penetrates Taurus (6th January 2021)

Mars was situated in Aries from June 2020 and has finally left. Mars usually passes through every zodiac sign swiftly but the prolonged Aries stopover was unusual and brought great understanding to us. As it enters Taurus, we might feel a change in our energy as well.

Capricorn New Moon (12th January 2021)

A New Year and a New Moon! It will be influential and a little volatile since the energy of shifting planets is brewing. This might be an ideal opportunity to consider and prioritize what we want to achieve in the upcoming year.

Mars Square Saturn (13th January 2021)

This day is the penultimate event in a long series of events occurring for the past few months. Mars Square Saturn might usher some intense pressure and might trigger past wounds that we witnessed unfolding in the middle of the year 2020. The energy may also be accompanied by a conflict between institutions and the people. Though this alignment is fraught with tension, it will be a time that is good for discovering strength and inspiration which is difficult to find.

Uranus Goes Direct (14th January 2021)

Uranus goes direct following the retrograde from August 2020. There are several positive things awaiting us in 2021. In case you want changes to your life, this energy is apt to start moving forward. Especially because Mercury will start to prepare to go back by the time January 2021 ends.

Jupiter Square Uranus (17th January 2021)

Jupiter is known for expansion while Uranus brings changes. This combination might bring a few rebellious or aggressive energy. It might also usher new insights and information to come face-to-face which need rapid changes. On deeper levels, it is favorable for awakenings as well as choosing to understand things from a better point of view. By changing our way of understanding things, we may also achieve a better understanding of ourselves.

We only wish that you may have a very happy and successful Capricorn Season!

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