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Powerful Healing Crystals to Alleviate Your Headaches

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by Conscious Reminder

Healing with crystals is not an abstract or new healing method, particularly for the ones that are taking part in spiritual communities.

There are a lot of people who are showing interest in this new and alternative method of healing. Many studies have already demonstrated that crystals have powers.

They have their own and authentic vibrations. Such vibrations influence the spiritual and physical human bodies, even auras. Moreover, the vibrations help the natural process of healing of bodies.

Imbalanced chakras and spiritual bodies will cause a lot of physical illnesses and problems, which cannot be cured using pills or medicines.

However, here are the best five crystals which are used for treating headaches:

1. Amethyst

The Amethyst is actually a master crystal. In fact, this crystal has the ability to heal, relax, and to relieve stress, and a lot more. The Amethyst crystal is even one of those crystals which are most commonly recommended for sleeping.

It will allow us to enjoy and relax during our everyday life. We should merely place the crystal on our forehead and then relax.

2. Amber

Amber is another powerful crystal. It will bring us mental and emotional cleanse. It will cleanse our emotional blockages which can be the cause of headaches.

Moreover, it will fill our body with some positive healing energy. It even brings harmony and calmness. We can place this crystal under our pillow or on our forehead.

3. Turquoise

This is a beautiful crystal which is best for the ones that deal with some emotional problems which cause them migraines and headaches. With the help of this crystal, we will have the ability to express our emotions and feelings.

We are also going to be able to share our hidden and suppressed thoughts and feelings. This crystal will fill us with peace and empathy, and it is excellent for keeping it under our pillow during the night period.

4. Lapis Lazuli

The Lapis Lazuli is an amazing blue crystal that is considered to be the most efficient pain reliever. It works with the most stubborn migraines. We should simply place this stone on our forehead and then close our eyes.

We can even place the Lapis Lazuli stone on every painful part of our body. It will work great on a leg, muscular or back pain. We can even put it on our chest in order to heal our heart and lungs.

5. Citrine

This is another frequently used crystal. It is beautiful quartz colored yellow, which holds the Sun’s positive energies. It will fill us with happiness, optimism, hope, and joy. Moreover, it is excellent for headaches.

In fact, it does not just relieve pain; it can accelerate the regeneration of tissue too. It is helpful for people that suffer from indigestion and diabetes. We should keep this crystal close, so it is going to keep us joyful and healthy.

These five crystals used for treating headaches are our best allies when it comes to relaxing and treating pain. They are very powerful, which means that they are going to bring us relief.

We already mentioned where we should put them, in order to provide us with their healing benefits. We can even wear them as jewelry. We should not forget to frequently clean them, as they may accumulate negative energies from us or our surroundings.

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