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Whether They Know It Or Not, All Empaths Have THESE 4 Rare SUPERPOWERS

by consciousreminder

Most highly sensitive, or empathic people feel that their ability to feel so many different emotional energies in the environment is a curse, but with recent research shows that empaths are actually highly psychic, you may want to sharpen your empathic skills instead of hiding them, or regret their existence.

Here are 4 Super-Powers of empathic people, that you too can develop at any point in life:

1. You Could Read Other People’s Minds

Empaths have a rare form of psychic ability that is considered a rare gift. Mind reading isn’t a everyday trick. We all do it to some degree, taking cues from people’s body language, and verbal discourse. A skilled non-verbal decoder can tell if someone is lying, someone is happy or sad (even if they claim to be the opposite), or if they are manipulating others with their speech and gestures. We can all be ‘mentalists’ picking up on inconsistencies in someone’s words and body language, but empaths take it a step further.

Many empaths receive psychic images, statements, hues, or smells intuitively which indicate to them, a reality beyond which most are aware. If you pick up on these energies unwillingly, you could instead focus on them, and see if you can create an even stronger psychic experience, turning your empathic skills into full-blown ESP. Then you can literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and know exactly what that would feel like. IMAGINE the possibilities.

How many wrong turns, missteps, or arguments could you avoid? How much success could you experience learning from others’ mistakes? Knowing when someone is lying, or telling the truth? Priceless. Instead of evade your empathic ability to feel everything – you could use it to become a true mind reader.

2. Become Your Own Emotion Superhero

If you have a crazy ability to empathize with others, why not turn this around, and use it to your own benefit? So many people today are completely disconnected from their own emotions. You aren’t. This may seem like a tremendous burden – feeling what they ought to feel, AND feeling what you feel, but if you were able to develop some discernment, and focus on your own emotional growth, this gift can become your greatest super power.

The act of listening to your own feelings and thoughts is self-empathy- it’s compassion in action. It could completely and utterly change how you communicate with people.

For instance, let’s say you are visiting family for the holidays or a long weekend and one of your uncles says, “Don’t you know this president is going to ruin the nation?” Your internal dialogue as an empath might be something like, “Oh my God, he has no clue how every person is affecting this country, and this planet, and the people who are running the show aren’t presidents or politicians, they may not even be on this planet! What an idiot.” This is what your emotional triggers might be around a simple statement that someone from your family makes. But what if you honored those feelings and learned how to communicate them lovingly?

What if instead, you internally stated, “Wow, hearing what my uncle just said alarms me, to the point of even feeling panicked because that statement doesn’t agree with the world I see, or how I believe this Universe is formed, and I’m scared of being at odds with my family member.” Super power indeed.

You could instead say to your Uncle from this emotionally aware place, “Yes, we all ruin the world a little or make it closer to a paradise every day by the thoughts, deeds, and actions we engage in.” This statement might go over his head, or open up a whole different type of dialogue that is more in alignment with who you are.

3. Transmute the Negativity Only You Can Feel

Many people are influenced by the negative energies which are invisible to the world today. If you are an Empath, you are extremely aware of this. An empath can even walk into a room where a negative conversation or act just occur, and even though the conversation has ended, they can sense the negative energy that lingers.

Instead of being a victim of this sensitivity to negative energy – you should look for positive energy first, and Convert that negative energy. Practice a quiet five-minute Tonglen meditation. Bring high-energy plants or flowers to a place with low energy, or simply utter encouraging words and thoughts to people around you who were also affected by the negativity. Even better? Find the humor in the situation and share it. Even the most vile circumstance has a funny side to it. Use laughter to literally create intimacy and openness where there was none.

4. Turn Your Sensitivity Into a Highly Coveted Skill

Do the wrong sheets make you break out in hives? Are certain smells absolutely revolting to you? Do non-organic foods cause you terrible gastro-intestinal distress? Do you need quiet in order to sleep, and alone time in order to off-load all the smells, sights, sounds, and emotions you’ve absorbed all day long? Instead of looking at this trait as if it were a burden, use it to your advantage.

You could become a perfumer, and advise companies on removing chemicals and adding natural scents to their products. You could help others eat divinely prepared food by becoming an organic chef. You could develop quiet spaces like gardens, libraries, or meditation rooms that not only you need, but that others would revel in, without even realizing that they were desperate for your gift. Use those sensitivities to create a peaceful haven in the world, and your empathic skills are no longer a curse, but used to fulfill your life’s purpose.

There are many more ways you can put your empathic super-powers to good use. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section, or when you share this article to social media.

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Mia June 4, 2017 - 3:45 am

I used to feel like an outcast,
I always find myself observing my surroundings,
It was quite strange at first, and people called me weird when I would say things, for instance, I knew how someone felt by looking at them even without conversation.
It’s hard to explain, and sometimes you begin to question yourself, how do I know?!
Some people when I have told them their next move or what they were thinking, even when they have attempted to lie, and I have caught them out, have in fact turned it around and said I’m paranoid, when the truth of the matter was I was 100% right , it used to feel like a curse; just knowing…

Jennifer June 13, 2017 - 5:27 am

I have finally learned to be proud of what I am and instead of hiding it and not telling anyone, I have been doing the total opposite. I still however call it a double edged sword in a way. I know that I have many more gifts but can’t sort things out or figure out what they are. I have tried to reach out to mediums and such in the hopes that they can pick up on things but I never am able to get a response, let alone an acknowledgement. For the most part I feel like an energy vampire, things are vanishing left and right which I know can have something to do with inexperienced mediums, and I don’t know what is happening with my loved ones. My husband went from the most loving man I fell in love with to someone who says he wished he had never ever even spoken to me and much worse. Everyone is at everyone’s throat and my health has been deteriorating so much that I am afraid for my life. Through all of this, I am still trying to help people as much as I can when I know that they need it but feel completely helpless myself with all of this negative energy that I feel is slowly killing me in a way. My depression,anxiety, and ptsd has been through the roof and I’m worried that I even have caused some form of peka manifestation unintentional by not knowing what all is happening with the gifts I can’t sort out besides being an empath and have given up on myself a long time ago but still can’t help but help others who need it. However, I do love all of the information you are giving and apologize ahead of time if my post is very confusing or doesn’t make much sense.

Jasmine June 13, 2017 - 8:49 pm

Hi Jennifer,

I’m still new to a lot of this. One thing for sure though, it sounds like (if you haven’t already) you should speak with a therapist and take some time to completely unload all of your thoughts and worries into one safe place. You are in a state of chaos and have lost your sense of balance, so to speak. I would definitely suggest taking some time for you to heal your inner self and strengthen your internal foundation. Especially, when it comes to peka manifestations. The only way to stop that from growing is to heal the emotional wounds and quiet the emotional distress within the individual responsible for the energy lashing out. Your world feels at odds right now, but I’m pretty confident that once you take a moment to quiet your surroundings and completely immerse yourself with healing yourself, things will improve. Sending you plenty of love and light my friend!

EL June 20, 2018 - 4:05 am

Sometimes chaos is symbolic of the growth necessary for you evolve into who you truly are, “not” what the world (or anyone else!), needs and/or wants you to be (for their personal comfort)! It’s not easy releasing all that no longer needs to be a part of you, to who you are becoming and meant to be… Chaos is simply a symptom and symbolic of your new birth… I would suggest you seek a Reiki Master practitioner in your area, to help you through this transition through your transformation… You are more than “anyone” (even possibly yourself!) could ever imagine… Awaken to the purity that already resides within, and the knowing and wisdom will guide you to your truly best life and purpose… Open and Be… Namaste…

Kamélia Sardothienne August 11, 2017 - 11:15 am

So today I realised there is a word for someone like me. All my life I felt like I`m crazy, like all I had was just one big imagination and my head is messing with me. But a few months ago I met someone whom I felt like and old friend (I never have met her). We were drawn to each other on the second. She felt exactly the same in similar situations, she could`ve done more with her head than I can and she never thought about it as something unnatural. She saved me, because she was the only prove I am not crazy. Now we can pick up on one other`s thoughts so often, we no longer know who has the original thought. Its amazing knowing who you are and being able to follow your proper path. Peace, brothers and sisters.


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