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Shamanic Wisdom—How to Tame Your Power Animal

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A shaman’s trusted ally – the power animal – can shield you from illness and help you overcome life’s most challenging moments.

Shamanic wisdom envisions numerous things found in nature as being alive, despite westerner’s belief of them being soulless objects. In the shamanic tradition, everything found in nature is interconnected to the Earth, the place where they extract power and knowledge.

The power animals are an essential aspect of shamanism. They represent the guiding spirits which enhance the powers of the shaman by offering visions and wisdom. Without the power animal at his side, the shaman cannot reach the true potential of his powers.

The power animal concept entered the English language from Anthropology, Sociology, and Ethnography. It’s a universal term available in every culture, and it’s deemed as a tutelary spirit guide that protects individuals and helps them persevere.

Similar to how humans find protection and trust in animals from the physical world, an interdependent relationship can also be established with power animals, considering that such spiritual guardians have access to a higher level of consciousness, thus providing invaluable knowledge and guidance.



Everyone is believed to have a few of these protective animals during their stay on Earth. There won’t be just one such guardian during your lifetime, but numerous others depending on the path each individual will follow in life. Power animals respond to emotions and are drawn by emotional grids experienced by a person at a given time, meaning that one day you’ll have the lion’s protection, and the next day you’ll be guidance of the crow.

It’s essential to understand the symbolistic of every animal, as each of them comes with a set of interrelated but different benefits. Whenever one of these guardians leaves an individual, another has to take its place sooner or later. If this doesn’t happen, the shaman considers the person to be disempowered, making them vulnerable in the face of illness and with a considerable drop in luck. Although the power animal can be a truly resilient ally, when it comes to overcoming emotions it should only be used as a tool and not as a problem solver.

These omens of good faith come in the form of various mammals, reptiles, insects and sea creatures. Discovering your spirit animal is like venturing on a journey with different symbols appearing as you deepen your personal connection with it, bringing valuable gifts at the time you connect.

Spirit animals will vary based on the challenges you’re facing at a given time, and will guide your footsteps by taking you on an ascendant journey of unraveled secrets that will reveal the true nature of reality, given that so many people today are distracted from this spiritual world where answers are found in abundance.



Power animals make their presence noticed in dreams, initiations or meditations. In shamanic tradition, the practitioner would often see his spirit animal manifesting as a physical presence, but only for a brief moment. Shamans acknowledge the life and knowledge found in every thing, as they consider that valuable lessons could be extracted from even the most insignificant aspects of life.

When trying to find your power animal, its image will appear based on subconscious thoughts. This may take a few minutes for some, while others can envision their guardian extremely fast. The animal you see today is related to the current challenges you’re facing, and will help you overcome them by taking you on a mystic journey.

In order to encounter them, one can follow these simple steps:

  1. Before falling asleep, you can ask for the power animal to appear in a dream, as it has the power to link to the consciousness grids.
  2. If you want to do this while meditating, find a quiet spot and relax. Sitting in nature or listening to music (especially drumming) can enhance the experience. Relax your mind and body, close your eyes and clear your thoughts, thus allowing your consciousness to reveal the spirit animal. At this point, follow your guardian to wherever it may lead you to.

Remember to write down the experience, or draw it, and analyzing it thoroughly for the hidden symbols it may bear.

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