The Throat Chakra: Best Crystals To Use For Healing And Restoring Balance

by Conscious Reminder

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and is located right at the center of our neck. It is very important as it connects the lower chakras of the body with the chakras of the head and allows for energy to flow seamlessly to and fro between them.

It is also the chakra which regulates how we express ourselves, our self-esteem, Relationships and much more. A blocked throat chakra means that the energy cannot freely flow from the body to the mind.

Any such imbalance should be addressed at once. Crystals are one of the many methods which can be used to cleanse the throat chakra.

How do you know that you need to use Crystals?

Crystals act as catalysts which promote the actions of healing meditation. When you are practicing meditation to heal your chakra, use of crystals would help to focus and enhance the energies that you are looking for. The symptoms which show that you need healing are-

  • Speech impediments and problem in getting your thoughts across- If you are not able to find the words it indicates a blockage. On the other hand if you babble or are completely out of control, it means you throat chakra is on an overdrive.
  • Problems with your self esteem- If you have not been feeling at the top of your game for quite a while now.
  • Signs from the universe- Look for signs such as synchronicities or chance encounters where you have had to communicate and you couldn’t.

Crystals for healing the throat chakra

Here are the particular crystals which are helpful in healing your throat chakra:

Lapis lazuli- Did you know that the aura around the throat chakra is bluish in hue? Guess what else is blue- the lapis lazuli stone. This means that this stone allows for great resonance of energy and hence has been used for ages for throat and thyroid related issues.

Turquoise- Apart from also being blue, turquoise is special because it helps with issues of self esteem and can help you perform well under pressure. This is why it is particularly favored by people in leadership roles and the ones who want to make their mark in the world.

Aquamarine- This particular crystal is very closely related with prowess in expression and effective communication. This means that this crystal helps us in clearing our thoughts and calming our nerves. This means that the person who uses this crystal won’t be perturbed even when under stress and can communicate with clarity.

Blue sodalite- This crystal has a direct link with our pituitary gland which is in turn is associated with our spiritual awareness. The crystal activates this gland and brings back your self esteem, confidence and the ability to stay calm under duress. Thus neutralizing the effects of the blockage and eventually clearing it.

Blue kyanite- Another factor behind the blockage of our throat chakra is when we are not being honest to ourselves. We hide certain aspects of our personalities, even from our own self. This creates the blockage in the throat chakra. Blue kyanite helps us in facing our demons and thus breaks through the blockage by making us confront ourselves.

Anhydrite- The only crystal which is not directly linked to the throat chakra but there is reason enough for it to be on this list. It in fact helps to bring harmony to the upper three chakras, that is- The throat, the third eye and the crown chakras. A boost in the health of these three chakras will inadvertently lead back to the healing of throat chakra as well.

You can use any of the given crystals for your healing depending on what suits you best. Make these a part of your healing meditation and you’d definitely see progress.



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