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Your Spiritual Energy Needs Protection: Here’s How To Clean, Heal And Preserve It

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by Conscious Reminder

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. — Buddha

Imagine that you broke your leg. Your friends ask you what has happened, your boss asks you to take a leave and your family takes extra care of you. Now imagine you have a broken soul. Does anyone notice that? Our society is conditioned in such a way that physical ailments are prioritized over mental health and spiritual well being.

The primary reason is we often hide our vulnerable side and our broken soul with a bright smile. We believe our weaknesses will be exploited and used against us. In the process, we wear masks of what is more acceptable to our social milieu instead of focusing on how to nurture our souls. This is the cause of our deep-rooted unhappiness and our negative energy.

For the physical weaknesses we rush to the doctors but when it comes to our mental health, we think a thousand times before seeking help. There are therapists, psychiatrists and a bunch of other people professionally trained to make you feel better but all you think about is what others will say.

However, no one can actually be of help if you don’t take the first step. Acceptance. You need to accept that you are in a tough space with regard to your spiritual well being and mental state.

The next step is to recognize what you can do yourself to heal. This is a very personal process but here are a few things that can be of immense help:

1. Essential Oils And Healing Plants

Plants not only provide us with food and oxygen but are actually empathetic about our existence. They are here on this planet for millions of years and can actually sense energy. Have you ever wondered why you feel calm and composed the moment you walk in a forest or a park with lots of trees?

This is because plants tend to radiate positive vibes and have a healing capacity. Many tribes use plants for medicinal purposes too. The Native Americans for example, use the smoke of a sage plant to cleanse people’s negative aura. Lavender, pine, and eucalyptus plants have the power to make you feel better in an instance. You could buy the essential oils of these trees and smell them when you feel anxious. It will drive away negativity.

2. Be Crystal Clear

Crystals are really mysterious. They are beautiful, unique and have several healing properties. They can cleanse, strengthen and repair your aura. For example, black tourmaline transform the negative energies into something positive. Onyx, hematite, double-terminated quartz and aragonite also have similar properties. Crystals not only clean your aura but help you become more focused and protect you from dangers. Ancient tribes wore crystal amulets to ward off the evil.

3. Bask In White Light

The white light is said to have divine properties. After you wake up each day, try to visualize a bright White Light shining on you. It slowly enters your body and illuminates it. Now think that the light is absorbing all your negative energies and destroying it. Imagine that the light has created a shield around you and you are safe. Do this before going to bed at night as it will keep the soul-sucking negative spirits away from you.

4. Spiritual Connection

Meditation not only gives you the peace of mind but also helps you think straight. You need to meditate if you are an anxious person or a lost soul.

5. Yoga

This does not mean you have to become a hermit. Surf YouTube for the easy yoga videos and try them out at home. Yoga helps you breathe deeply and gives you a lot of energy. It helps you connect with your intuition better.

6. Water Is Life

Ever felt refreshed after a nice bath with Epsom salt? If not then try it now. Water rebalances our energies and recharges us. It takes away the toxins. Even drinking water helps you feel lighter.

7. Choose Your Social Circle

Please get rid of spiritual vampires. You don’t need someone to add to your worries. Choose a circle that inspires and supports you in every way.

8. Clothes

We all know that dark-hued clothes create a brooding atmosphere and keep you in a mental prison. Wear lighter and may be brighter shades to feel good.

9. Music

Tibetan singing bowls have healed souls since ancient times. Repeating the word “Om” also balances your body and mind. Try doing this while meditating.

Now that we have brought to you elixirs for your soul, take time out and look within. It’s the hour to listen to the whispering of your soul!

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