This Is How The Universe Communicates With You – Are You Paying Attention?

by Conscious Reminder

Usually, we think of a coincidence as just being that, a coincidence. But, what if these coincidences- moments when everything falls into place and leaves us in perpetual awe, were the signs we were asking for, for such a long time. 

What if such moments were something more than only coincidences? What if our Universe was sending us some signs in the form of coincidences?

For a lot of people, the thing that every one of us is connected to every single thing in this world probably sounds insane; however, the truth would be that science proved everything.

Although it would be difficult for us to swallow all this, we are all able to communicate with ourselves innately, even when we don’t realize it to this world surrounding us.

Scientists are still struggling to explain the phenomenon, and they agree that it is quite real. So, what kind of coincidences we ignored, although they were really important messages from our Universe?

Here are the six examples of the ways in which our Universe is communicating with us:

Song lyrics

Many people report that they have heard the most-loved song of a loved one who passed recently, or that they have heard the lyrics which gave them the needed answer to some burning question which they probably had constantly on their minds. Although we can say that this is just a coincidence and nothing else, it is not one at all.

Think of someone and seeing him or her minutes after that

We have all sometimes thought of a person that we had not seen for some time, and all of a sudden, he or she calls us. Another example is when we have not seen someone for some time, and suddenly, this individual crosses our path.

In our own dreams

During the existence of time, people have constantly dismissed the real powers of prophetic dreams. Even when those dreams are not of prophecy, all those symbols and signs within them may give us a better perspective. We can write our dreams in a dream diary, and after that, compare our results with dream symbolism.


Usually, we make some plans in order to go to a specific place or do certain special things. Unfortunately, the weather will suddenly become bad, so that for us, this would be the sign to stay home. However, the weather that we are yearning for most may hold the needed information for us. If we were wishing for a great rainstorm, the weather would indicate that it is probably the time for cleansing.


During moon cycles, animals were reported as showing strange behaviors, particularly during Full Moons. This shows how planetary beings and this world that surrounds us affect us, and also proves the connection. When animal messengers enter our lives, are they out of place too?


Numbers are concepts made by man, but, if we pay more attention to the number patterns, it will become clear that math isn’t. The Universe uses the repeating sequences in order to simply tell us some important messages.

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