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Crystals for Stability and Self-Awareness

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The Monoclinic System of Minerals

Stillbite allows you to anchor into your ability to love.

Do people get easily aggravated with you? Is spontaneity your way of life? Have you been called moody? Are you racked by self-doubt? Do you look to psychics for guidance? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a roller coaster of a life. Living in the emotional and mental mountains and valleys that you daily experience is not fun. To remedy repetitive dramas, the monoclinic minerals offer their assistance, helping to calm the emotional volatility and mental instability that plague those with monoclinic personalities. Containing the structure of a parallelogram, monoclinic minerals have lots of angles which make tipping over a likely occurrence. These individuals find it hard to stand tall or stay in one place. In the monoclinic system, the fire element transmitted by the tetrahedron of the Platonic Solids is ignited even further by the air element of the octahedron of the Platonic Solids. Correlated with both the tetrahedron and the octahedron, the monoclinic personality is unstable to explosive. Although destructive, explosives are useful in appropriate environments and necessary in critical situations to break through devastating blockages. When safely stored, these explosive tendencies can be seen as an armory. Their strength and power are available only when needed. In the monoclinic system of minerals the fire of self-awareness can dissolve the tornadic winds of self-doubt.

Mica supports self-reflection and the personal 
redemption that comes from such knowledge.

There are many reasons you may be drawn to a monoclinic mineral. Lepidolite and sphene, encouraging positive change, help you to see many sides in a situation or relationship. These stones will feel familiar. But mostly, monoclinic personalities will be seeking the serenity, stability, clarity, and calm that amazonite, stillbite, datolite, and malachite can provide. And, to rise above the fear of being judged or condemned, heulandite and selenite offer the gift of self-awareness. Because these minerals systems outline specific ways of processing electromagnetic energies, they help us to define the specific groups of behaviors, thought patterns, types of beliefs, and connection to memories which coalesce into certain personality styles. Let’s look at how a monoclinic personality approaches and experiences life.

The Monoclinic Personality

Monoclinic individuals have difficulty being friends, and are challenged by parenting. They are unpredictable, moody, and confrontational because their sense of self is fragmented and wounded. They need lots of attention and approval and may, at times, demand it to compensate for their low self-esteem. The good news about their instability is that they do not hold grudges because they are too preoccupied with their next emerging emotional or mental drama. By nature they are spontaneous and can be very funny because they see all the aspects to a relationship or situation. They just cannot decide on the best course of action because for them, there are too many valid choices. Unfortunately their indecisiveness leaves them uncommitted, searching, and feeling like a failure in their relationships and careers. This sad reality only reinforces their sense of being judged as bad or mean, or worse, condemned by their own behavior. They are sensitive about their reputations, yet find themselves unable to break free of the positive or negative influence of others.

Heulandite promotes transformation by linking the 
old with the new through innovation and transcendence.

Moonstone calms your emotional body so you can
successfully reach for your goals.

Many a sitcom has been built around characters with monoclinic personalities because, in their constant state of agitation, they are comical. In constantly monitoring their social standing in society, they can offer a running commentary on cultural trends, social status, and fashion. In fact, they can change their appearances easily to fit into whatever culture they are currently exploring. This makes these individuals almost prequalified for acting careers because they live their lives acting according to the scripts they believe that others have written for them. To get off the roller coaster of their lives, they need to understand what their personal truth is and clearly and respectfully express it. They can do this by cultivating an objective view of what is occurring to them and around them. By engaging in honest and significant conversations they can understand how their behavior has contributed to their insecurity. This understanding gives them the keys they need to make healthier choices so they can earn back their self-respect and feel safe in their own lives.

Crocoite supports healthy and graceful transitions, 
including through death to new life.

In the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, Jack Nicholson plays the character of a wealthy womanizer who finally, truly, falls in love with the woman forced to care for him after having a heart attack, on vacation. Only when confronted with the reality of his deep feelings, does he track down all the women whose hearts he broke to understand how his behavior hurt them, and the woman he truly loves. In listening to the truth of their painful experiences of him, he learned not only how to change, but why. When monoclinic individuals can tolerate hearing the truth, then they can make effective decisions that will allow them to complete projects, and commit to relationships and jobs in which they will succeed. In the experience of success, they will develop the ability to trust themselves, engage in supportive and honest relationships, and discover that they have an intuitive awareness about the character of others, primarily because they have experienced a broad array of personality styles and expressions.

Kunzite keeps you rooted in your Soul’s love for 
you regardless of the circumstances you find yourself.

Malachite promotes self-transformation.

The Monoclinic System of Minerals includes:
Mica, Chlorite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Amazonite, Azurite, Malachite, Selenite, Epidote, Stillbite, Heulandite, Crocoite, Vivianite, Sphene, Datolite, Wolframite, Kunzite, Jade, Spodumene

Vivianite helps you define your intentions 
so you can achieve what truly matters to you.

Jade inspires you to fulfill yourself and 
supports you to embrace the resources 
and relationships that make this possible.

Selenite promotes all levels of awareness so that 
your decisions are inspired by clarity and divine guidance.

Because those with monoclinic personalities are anxiety ridden, wearing these stones are an effective way to receive the calm direction that they can provide. Moonstone, lepidolite, azurite, malachite and selenite pendants are very helpful when worn at the heart or throat. Bracelets of any of these stones worn on the left wrist will be helpful reminders to think before you act, or to feel before you decide, depending on which side of the crisis you may be on. Stillbite, heulandite, moonstone, and amazonite are wonderful companions in the bedroom to calm the emotional body and soothe your entire auric field when you are asleep. However, to be truly effective, specimens for environments need to be the size of oranges or grapefruits to truly calm the hyperactive and nerve-wracking energies these individuals regularly experience. Mica, datolite, and selenite will infuse hope and happiness into any environment in which they are placed and will be especially useful in work environments where judgments abound. Carrying tumbled versions of these stones in your left and right pockets will calm the internal fires and bring the cooling breezes necessary for the head and heart to work together in harmony. These are just a few suggestions on how to utilize some of these monoclinic minerals. As you further research each stone for your life, new applications will appear.

Wolframite promotes flexibility in thought and belief
 so rigid behavior no longer creates problems.

Ray Five – Healing Insights – The color is Green.

The more self-aware monoclinic individuals become, the better they feel and the more successes they experience. The fifth ray energies of the personality of the Creator, promote the awareness of truth, the consciousness of vision, and the scientific pursuits that propel humanity’s evolution. The truth does indeed set us free but only when we are able to access and accept what truth is. Archangel Raphael and the Ascended Lady Master Mother Mary are experts in healing because they compassionately guide those they serve into the insights and perceptions that will release them from inner turmoil. All healing commences from a state of inner peace, and even if that experience lasts only a moment, it is enough to change the rest of your life. Ascended Master Lord Hilarion, who also serves on the fifth ray, was St. Paul in a previous incarnation. His life changed in an instant as the fear and anger of a potential terrorist turned into the appreciation and understanding of a budding evangelist. He spent the rest of his life redeeming himself by carrying the message of loving service that Jesus exemplified out into the world. He wrote most of the epistles of the New Testament which were his letters of guidance and instruction to the emerging Christian church. He knows how to help you turn your life around for good. Ask him for help.

Azurite supports your intuition to act upon divine

Image result for amazonite

Amazonite encourages loving communication.

Epidote support your soul-empowerment and attracts abundance.

Lepidolite promotes graceful change with a positive attitude.

The Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia who also serve on the fifth ray, offer their keen vision and the development of spiritual vision to those whirling around in personal insecurity and self-doubt.   Although monoclinic individuals may see the latest fashions and follow the highs and lows of the entertainment industry, they need to focus their eyes on the prize of inner contentment and personal success. Ask Cyclopea or Virginia to help you focus so your decisions are consciously made and your consequences positive.

Sirius binary star – White dwarf and big star

Dr. Lorphan of the Sirian star system runs a multidimensional healing academy from which you can request healing. He trains healers throughout our galaxy so he is well acquainted with a myriad of conditions with which our Souls and their incarnations can be troubled. The Sirians are intellectuals with heart. Although they are extremely technologically advanced, they are extremely compassionate and helpful. You may request a healing session while you sleep, and there is no charge! To learn more about Dr. Lorphan’s healing techniques, especially his core fear matrix removal program consult Dr. Joshua David Stone in his book, Integrated Ascension: Revelation for the Next Millenium.

Healing is never just about your physical body, nor your emotional state. It is always about the integration of your auric field, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etherically, and physically. All those serving on the fifth ray are committed to helping you to heal yourself in every way. They hold the truth of your essential radiance, health, and happiness until you can claim it for yourself.

Ray Eight – They Ray of the Soul – The colors are Green Violet and White.
In order to escape the mental madness of the human ego you have to anchor into the calm power and expansive awareness of your Soul. If you could have healed your third dimensional trauma immediately in the moment of chaos you would have. However, it takes the insight, strength, awareness, and efficacy of your fifth dimensional Soul to heal yourself in this third dimensional world. The eighth ray anchors into your Soul Star, the specific chakra that allows you to have conscious access and awareness of the reality and usefulness of your Soul. Your fifth dimensional Soul Star is located about a foot beneath your feet and is anchored into the auric field of our fifth dimensional Earth. Ascended Lady Master Nada and St. Germain, the Mahachohan, welcome your requests to begin your journey into Soul awareness. Through their assistance the fragmentation of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, memories, and beliefs can move back into coherence. You auric field can heal so that every part of you has a healthy place to live within your conscious awareness of yourself. On their own your thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, and physical body can feel lost, abandoned, and hopeless. When these subtle bodies function as a harmonic team, your humanity begins to heal and the essence of who you truly are can live through the human expression of your Soul.

Archangel Uzziel is at your service radiating strength into your auric field as you seek to rise beyond your humanity and into your divinity. He will stand by you as the patterns of negativity burn away in the presence of Soul awareness and enlightenment.

Milky Way Galaxy

Ascended Master Sananda, who represents and radiates the Christ Consciousness for our solar system, was Jesus the Christ in a past human incarnation. He remains devoted to the soul-embodiment of humanity and is only a prayer away. There is nothing that cannot be healed and there is nothing that cannot be forgiven. Your Soul can guide you to this transcendence. Let Sananda help you as you no longer need to suffer.

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