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Don’t Turn Your Man Into A Fixing Project

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, we constantly see women trying to raise already grown men. We see them pulling them from proverbial ashes, trying with everything that they possess to help these men grow, but also forgetting that forcing others to change is almost impossible.

Although trying to help people when they feel down is a noble thing, there are times when doing that will be unhelpful rather than helpful. For example, a woman will try to make a man honest, and the question will be why he wasn’t one such man before.

What is going to make the things worse will be the never-ending posts on social media about “being the peace of a man.” However, what happens with women’s peace?

Why do we live in societies which are constantly telling us that we have to accept every person for who he or she is, even when he or she is toxic? Or, why is a woman’s responsibility to care for and raise a man that acts like some teenager?

We all love helping other people, of course. And, when a man stands on his own side, does his job, acts like a grown-up person and not like a child, a woman will definitely do anything for him.

However, women aren’t rehabilitation centers for men who are horribly raised and act like teenagers, to enter in and then flourish at their sanity’s expanse.

When a woman feels that need that she should step up, do something, and improve, about 9 of 10 she expects to do that on her own.

This happens in the world in which women earn less than men do, are always expected to be like some sex goddesses every day and night, and are also expected to mother, or rehabilitate others around them.

Moreover, they are even expected to transform a house into a home, transform a boy into a man, or take some basic ingredients in order to transform them into a meal, or even take themselves from basic in order to become glamorous in no time.

Although women enjoy many of those activities, they can’t be expected to be someone that will transform every self-loathing, barely matured, and deranged man that will enter into their lives.

Women suggest something better: When a man notices some bad traits and characteristics within himself or has something he could actually work on, in order to transform, he should transform himself. He should become a much better version than he was before, and do not do that because of someone else, but do it only for himself.

Men should not expect women to fix them. Women will grow with them, but they can’t be in constant charge of watering their garden whenever they neglect it.

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