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Chakra Polarity And Maintaining Energetic Balance

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by Conscious Reminder

Chakras are the links that connect our physical body with our energetic body.

The seven chakras are located from the base of your spine to the top of your head. They also connect us to universal energy and our environment.

The seven chakras vibrate at their distinctive frequencies and affect certain biological processes. Each chakra is connected with the colors of the rainbow, corresponding to the aura they give out. When your chakras are open and balanced, they ensure your mental and physical well-being.

How To Have Balanced Polarity Of The Chakras?

The polarity of chakras means that the upper chakras should be in balance with the lower ones. While each of the chakras needs its own alignment, the overall alignment with each other aligns with our emotional, physical, and energetic bodies.

When individual chakras can be unblocked, true healing begins. Polarity is when the first chakra is balanced with the seventh one, the second chakra is balanced with the sixth one, and the third chakra is balanced with the fifth one.

Chakra Polarity In Reality

The concept of the polarity of chakras can be better understood with the second chakra and the sixth one. The second sacral chakra represents creativity, emotions, and the flow of energy. The sacral chakra also rules our relationships and sexuality. The sacral chakra aligns with the sexual organs and reproductive organs in the physical body.

According to the theory of chakra polarity, if the sacral chakra is balanced, a person will still feel out of tune unless the sixth third-eye chakra is also balanced. The third-eye controls our intuition, mood, and connection to the divine. In the physical body, it aligns with the pituitary glands and neurons. Hence it also affects our sleep, visualization power, and sleep.

If you think just in physical terms, you would be able to understand how a disturbed third-eye will end up affecting sexual intimacy. So, if you feel like all your other chakras are balanced and you’re full of sacral-supportive foods such as seeds, fats, nuts, and water, still something is off, it is definitely your sixth chakra.

Unless your nourish this chakra, sleep properly, and exercise your intuitive powers, you won’t be quite balanced chakra-wise. Find ways to clear and balance your third-eye chakra before you fix other things.

If you truly understand the concept of the polarity of chakras, you would be able to fix your problems faster. Always start by checking your physical symptoms, then check emotional and energetic symptoms.

Make sure you are providing your body the right nourishment and activities that can take care of the unbalanced chakra. If the block persists after all these, check the polar opposite chakra. Once both poles of the chakra system are nourished and balanced, you’d be back on your feet in no time.

If you believe in the power chakras have over your emotions and life in general, you can trust the polarity theory. Keep your individual chakras balanced and also align all seven of them to lead a happy and balanced life.

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