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Mercury Retrograde is Finally Over, But We Aren’t Out of the Woods Yet

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury retrograde is finally ending after a few long, grueling weeks of chaotic energy, and we are so grateful.

Mercury will turn direct on September 15, ending its reign of terror (just kidding, but not really) and ushering in a new, calmer phase of the year. Congratulations, dear reader — we did it.

The hazy frustration of brain fog has felt ever-present as a result of this planetary backspin, but the end of Mercury retrograde will lift the clouds and clear our minds. When Mercury is direct, decision-making can become more straightforward. Travel plans, contracts, and agreements that were put on hold or delayed during the retrograde phase can now proceed more smoothly. This is usually a good time to start taking action and moving forward with any plans you have.

If you’ve had a difficult time during this retrograde, don’t worry — there’s an astrological reason why this one was so out of the ordinary. The third retrograde of Mercury in 2023 was intense because it coincided with retrograde season, particularly the retrograde of Venus! This Mercury retrograde exposed many imbalances in our lives because it occurred in Virgo, a nitpicky zodiac sign. We were forced to look at our lives and everything that wasn’t working perfectly.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, rules Virgo, so when it goes retrograde, it can feel amplified and intense. Virgo, the editor of the zodiac, is known for its love of refining and distilling information, and this retrograde period provided a productive time to reassess how we expend our own time, energy, and efforts.

Who or what is worthy of our ideas, thoughts, and feelings?

Which relationships make us feel seen, heard, and valued?

Consider the last few weeks and ask yourself these questions; your answers may surprise you.

This retrograde may have motivated us to re-establish boundaries. We may have found ourselves reconsidering who respects our efforts and where our energetic input isn’t met or reciprocated because Virgo’s time and efforts are methodical and well-thought out. Once you’ve identified where you’re wasting energy, eliminate it (or them) from your life.

Things are improving, and positive energy is on its way to us. Mercury will form a positive trine with Jupiter in Taurus from September 21 to September 28. This trine will help us do the necessary research and find the methods we now need to implement in our lives, in addition to providing an optimistic energy. And there’s a bonus: we’re bound to receive positive messages during this time. If you’ve been waiting to hear about a new project or opportunity, now might be the time to hear about it. Prepare for some exciting news!

While those seven days will be full of positive energy, you should pay special attention to September 24. Mercury will return to its cazimi point on this day, which occurred on September 6. Cazimi occurs when the sun and Mercury collide at the same point in the sky. It has the power to bring about revelations, insights, and divine downloads. On September 24, Mercury will retrace these steps, bringing another important moment of clarity and important information our way, particularly as it relates to our personal Mercury retrograde stories.

It’s time to let out that breath you’ve been holding since Mercury went retrograde.

It’s finally over, and we can move on to bigger and better things — at least until the next one comes along.

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